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Captain Fortune Skin Information And Accounts

Captain Fortune Lol Skin

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Captain Fortune Skin Information

Availability Available In Store
Price 975 RP
Concept Miss Fortune as a Captain of a pirate ship
Model Model changes and new textures
Particles No new particles
Animations New recall animation
Sounds New sounds for abilities and emotes
Rarity common
Release date 30/07/2015

Captain Fortune is a common skin that was released in July 2015.

The skin was inspired by famous female pirates throughout history such as Anne Bonny and Mary Read which are arguably 2 of the most famous female pirates of all time. Miss Fortune also shares the Captain theme with her fellow pirate Gangplank.

There are several new model changes on the skin including a new hat for Miss Fortune and a new outfit with a white cape. Her weapons have also been modified to new pistols which feature 3 barrels instead of 1.

The skin also includes a new recall animation where Captain Fortune shoots an orange and blows it a kiss, referencing Gangplanks death. This is based on her lore where Miss Fortune hunts down Gangplank after he killed her parents when she was young.

The sounds included with the skin have also been slightly changed to make a new noise for her new pistols. The effect has been changed, so it sounds like more bullets are being fired at the same time. Considering she has new pistols with 3 barrels, this is a nice touch to the skin.

The particles with the skin remain the same and she still fires sphere projectiles for her abilities and auto attacks.

As of today, the skin is still available in the Riot store for 975 RP and shows no intention of leaving the store anytime soon. If you want to be a charming pirate that lures everyone to their death, then the Captain Fortune skin is an excellent choice.

Captain Fortune Images

Captain Fortune League of Legends skin
Captain fortune love tap
Captain fortune attack
captain fortune ultimate

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