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Hextech Annie Skin Information And Accounts

Hextech Annie Lol Skin

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Hextech Annie Skin Information

Availability Not Available In Store
Price Priceless (10 Hextech Gems)
Concept Annie as a Little Sister controlling her Hextech Tibbers
Model New model changes and new texture for Annie and Tibbers
Particles New particles
Animations New animations
Sounds New Sounds
Rarity rare
Release date 15/03/2016

Hextech Annie LoL Skin

Hextech Annie as a super rare skin that was released in 2016.

The skin features 2 references from the BioShock franchise. Annie is dressed up as a Little Sister while Tibbers has been transformed into a Big Daddy. Both are now sporting the Hextech theme with Annie carrying a mini Hextech Tibbers with her. Annie also shares the same Hextech theme with the following champions:

  • Hextech Anivia
  • Hextech Galio
  • Hextech Janna
  • Hextech Singed
  • Hextech Sion

The skin features both model and texture changes for Annie and Tibbers. Annie is now wearing a completely new dress similar to Caitlyn's, while sporting Hextech goggles on her head. Tibbers has now been changed into an enormous robot that glows blue when fighting.

Hextech Annie also includes new animations such as a new recall animation where Annie throws her Tibbers doll into the air and teleports back home.

The skin also includes new particles were all of her spells and abilities have been changed into bright blue flames. This adds a fresh new effect to all of Annie's spells and makes her default skin look boring!

The skin also includes lots of new sound effects that makes this skin extra special. With so many new animations, sounds and particles if you’re lucky enough to get this skin then you won’t be disappointed.

Currently, Hextech Annie is the hardest obtainable skin in the game and can require over 100 chests to get enough gems.

If you really want Hextech Annie, then you would have to spend lots of RP buying chests and keys. This can easily cost hundreds of dollars, and even then, there’s still no guarantee you’d actually get her!

If you want to speed up the process and not spend a fortune trying to get a lucky drop then be sure to check out all of our accounts with her enabled below. You’ll save yourself lots of time and lots of money!

Hextech Annie Abilties
Hextech Annie Tibbers
Hextech Annie Skin

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