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Neo PAX Sivir Skin Information And Accounts

Neo PAX Sivir Lol Skin

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Neo PAX Sivir Skin Information

Availability Not Available In Store
Price 10 Gemstones until 2018
Concept Sivir as a colorful warrior
Model Minor model changes such as a new boomerang and face visor
Particles New boomerang particles for spells including a new trail for boomerang blade
Animations Now new animations
Sounds No new sounds
Rarity ultra-rare
Release date 31/08/2017

NEO PAX Sivir is a rare skin that was released in 2017.

Not to be confused with the original PAX Sivir skin, NEO PAX Sivir is an updated version of the original, similar to Championship Riven 2016. Released almost 7 years after the original PAX Sivir skin, the NEO PAX Sivir skin includes many similarities to the original.

Using the same model, the new skin features a brand new color scheme which makes it stand out. Instead of the Tron like colors, Sivir now has a much more refined look that features bright grays, blues and gold. Apart from the color changes almost everything remains the same as the original. That means no new animations or recall, however, knowing that the skin is limited edition is enough to want to add it to your collection anyway.

To obtain the new NEO PAX skin, players can use multiple ways. The first way is to attend the PAX event in September of 2017. This is the first time Riot have been at the PAX event since their last appearance back in 2011. All players who visit PAX will receive a special goody bag that contains a redeemable code. Players then simply enter the code in their LoL account to redeem the new NEO PAX Sivir skin. Currently, some players are selling their codes online with prices around $40 to $70 per skin code. As the number of codes run out and get redeemed, expect these prices to rise into the hundreds of dollars.

If you couldn’t make it to PAX this year or don't fancy spending tens of dollars on a code that might already be redeemed, then there is another way. NEO PAX Sivir will be available through the in-game gemstone loot system until the end of 2017. Players simply need to obtain 10 gemstones through Hextech crafting which can then be redeemed for NEO PAX Sivir in the store. Other skins that can be redeemed for Hextech gemstones include:

Players who already own the original PAX Sivir skin will receive the NEO PAX Sivir skin absolutely free. In addition to this, these players will also receive a special loading screen border to show off to their friends.

If you’ve missed the chance to get NEO PAX Sivir then don’t worry. You can still buy an account with the skin already redeemed. To view our range of accounts with NEO PAX Sivir enabled, scroll down below.

Neo Pax Sivir Skin Images

LoL Neo Pax Sivir Skin
Neo Pax Sivir League of Legends skin animations
Neo Pax Sivir animation
Neo Pax Sivir Ultimate Ability Animation

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