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Everything you need to know about Riot Skins

Richard Heimer

9 th  May 2017

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If you've ever been playing a match and heard the police sirens echoing all over the map then you've probably seen a riot skin. Since the release of League of Legends there have been many limited edition themed skins released by Riot. One of the most popular skin themes are the riot skins. There are currently 6 riot skins that have been released and all feature characters in police riot gear. Most of these skins are only available on new accounts as back in summer 2014 Riot disabled all skin code coupons. In this list we’ll be looking at each of the individual riot skins and the details of each one.

League of Legends Riot Skins

Riot Girl Tristana

Riot Skins Riot Girl Tristana

The Riot Girl Tristana skin is currently the only free riot skin that can be redeemed to a new account. Originally released on 15th December 2009, it is currently the most popular skin in game due to it being free. If you are looking to redeem this skin on your account then simply follow this link to like the Facebook page for League of Legends. Once the page has been liked there will be a new tab at the top with details to redeem the skin. After you have entered your account details and your account has been verified it will automatically show in your account. The skin features Tristana with pink hair, gold armour and a new boomer cannon. Unlike other skins there are no new particles, animations or sounds, but she still looks like she’s ready to kick some ass.

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Riot Kayle

Riot Skins Riot Kayle

Currently one of the newest riot skins, this skin was released on 13th August 2014. This skin was originally released in the game store for 975 RP which is around $7.50. Currently the skin is no longer available in store which has disappointed a lot of fans.  The skin features new model updates such as changing Kayle’s wings to police drone rotors. Instead of her ordinary sword Kayle has been given an electric shock stick to beat some justice into her enemies. This riot skin also has some new animations included such as a completely new recall animation that features police drones when teleporting back. There are also new particles for her Righteous Fury and new auto-attack sounds.This riot skin is often considered the best in the group as the attention to detail on the model and animations is exceptional.

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Riot Graves

Riot Skins Riot Graves

If you're an ADC and you think the Tristana skin is a bit too girly for you then you're in luck. Originally released on 16th August 2012 this Graves riot skin was sold in store upon its release for 975 RP ($7.50) but has since been removed. The skin features Graves in full riot gear with a tear gas launcher ready to disperse some trouble makers. Included with the skin are new animations for quickdraw and his dance. The skin also includes new auto-attack sounds and a new eject shells animation. This skin will pair up with riot Blitzcrank in the bot lane to make sure justice is served.

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Riot Blitzcrank

Riot Skins Riot Blitzcrank

This popular riot skin was released on 22nd August 2013 and was available in store during the PAX event. The skin was on sale for 975 RP ($7.50) but has since been removed and is currently unavailable. This popular riot skin features Blitzcrank in full police riot gear like a badass Robocop. Included with the skin is a new recall and overdrive animation. The skin also includes new sounds for rocket grab, overdrive, powerfist and recall. The skin also features the famous police siren sounds which can be heard from all over the map, striking fear into the very heart of your opponents.

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Riot Singed

Riot Skins Riot Singed

This rare riot skin was originally gifted at Gamescom 2010 and other events such as PAX and E3. For a limited time only Riot enabled the skin at the in game store, allowing anyone to purchase it for 975 RP which is around $7.50. The last time this happened was in 2011 at PAX Prime, making it one of the rarest riot skins. The skin itself features Singed in full riot gear including a new riot shield and tear gas cannister on his back. Unlike other websites claim, the colour of his poison does not change and stays the default green as he wouldn’t change his trademark chemicals!

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Riot Nasus

Riot Skins Riot Nasus

Initially gifted at Gamescon 2011 and only obtainable through skin cards handed out, this riot skin is also considered one of the rarest. The skin was available on the riot store for a limited time in August 2012 for 975 RP which is around $7.50. The skin features Nasus in K-9 protective riot gear and a new police baton weapon. The skin itself also changes certain animations and includes a new texture for his ultimate Fury of the Sands. This skin is sure to attract attention from other players who will be left wondering who let the dogs out?

As you can see, almost all of the riot skins listed above are not available in the store any more. Currently Tristana is the only riot skin from the list that you can get your hands on. But don’t worry, there is always the chance they will come back to the store in the future. If you are looking to get a different riot skin then the only way you can do this is by buying an account with it already redeemed. To check out our range of limited edition and legacy skins be sure to check out the high end lol skin store on our website.

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