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The Best ADCs in League of Legends Season 7

Richard Heimer

27 th  July 2017

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When it comes to roles in League of Legends the ADC (attack damage carry) is one of the most important. With the ability to output insane amounts of damage and score pentakills with ease, ADCs are one of the most influential roles in game.

If you want to become the best ADC then you need to practice a lot, but it all starts with picking the right champion. There are currently plenty of ADCs in game each with their own unique ability that makes them stand out from others. But with so many to choose from, which one should you learn?game each with their own unique ability that makes them stand out from others. But with so many to choose from, which one should you learn?

Using fresh League of Legends data from LeagueofGraphs.com, we’ve managed to find the best ADCs you should be playing if you want to win. By analyzing thousands of League of Legends games we have a whole array of statistics from the win percentage to ban rate and average popularity. These stats will not only help you decide which champion to pick, but it also gives you an idea of what other people are playing and how to counter them.

Here are the best ADCs in League of Legends for Season 7:

5. Tristana

Best ADC Season 7

  • Popularity: 15.4% (Popular)
  • Win Rate: 50.9% (Above average)
  • Ban Rate: 1.8% (Low)
  • Average Kills/Deaths/Assists: 7.6 / 5.4 / 6.6

Starting off our list is the Yordle with the huge bazooka! Known for her insane attack speed, high mobility and explosive AOE damage, Tristana is a solid ADC pick and can dish out damage like there’s no tomorrow. In the early game Tristana isn’t exactly the most powerful ADC as she requires a lot on ability ranks and items to output a lot of damage.

However, she does benefit from an increased range on her abilities and crazy attack speed boost. Tristana currently has a win rate of 50.9% which is just above average but enough to give you a small advantage. With a ban rate of only 1.8%, there's a really good chance you’ll be able to pick her when playing ranked matches.

4. Miss Fortune

Highest Winrate ADC

  • Popularity: 6.6% (Not very popular)
  • Win Rate: 51.2% (Above average)
  • Ban Rate: 0.4% (Very low)
  • Average Kills/Deaths/Assists: 7.4 / 6.0 / 8.2

Next up on our list of the best ADCs is Miss Fortune. This girl knows how to strut her stuff and can move surprisingly fast for someone in high heels! Known for her high mobility, deadly AOE ultimate and annoying crowd control abilities, Miss Fortune is a great addition to any team.

Miss Fortune currently has a win rate of 51.2% which puts her in the green territory, in the long run, you could easily get to Challenger with a consistent win rate. Her ban rate is also extremely low at only 0.4%. This makes her an even better pick as she has a higher win rate and lower ban rate than Tristana. It seems like Miss Fortune is one of the best ADCs which has slipped through the net in ranked games.

3. Caitlyn

Highest Winrate ADC Season 7

  • Popularity: 27.6% (EXTREMELY POPULAR)
  • Win Rate: 52.3% (Above average)
  • Ban Rate: 52.2% (EXTREMELY HIGH)
  • Average Kills/Deaths/Assists: 6.5 / 5.7 / 7.5

The most popular ADC out there by far has to be Caitlyn. With a popularity rating of 27.6%, she’s one of the most picked ADCs in ranked matches. Why? Probably because she has the largest auto attack range in game and a whole array of escapes, traps, and a passive that guarantees crits.

Currently sitting at a win rate of 52.3%, it’s safe to say that in the right hands Caitlyn wins games. You might already be sold on Caitlyn being the best ADC, but be warned, she has a crazy ban rate of 52.2%. Considering almost every ranked match you go in she’ll be banned, it might not be the best idea trying to learn her. Instead, it's best to pick someone with a high win rate and low ban rate.

2. Draven

Strongest season 7 adc

  • Popularity: 8.6% (Fairly popular)
  • Win Rate: 52.6% (Above average)
  • Ban Rate: 28.9% (High)
  • Average Kills/Deaths/Assists: 7.8 / 6.5 / 6.6

Just missing out on the top spot of best ADC is Draven. It’s probably no surprise that this crazy guy is in the top 2 places when it comes to ADCs. His high mobility, huge crits, and hard to dodge ultimate gives him all the abilities you need to win.

Speaking of winning, Draven currently has a win rate of 52.6% which is fairly high compared to the other ADCs we've covered in this list. Since Draven is a fairly well known and popular champion, he also has a high ban rate of 28.9%. Now it’s not the same level as Caitlyn, but anything over 20% is exceptionally high. With this in mind, if you are thinking of learning Draven then always make sure you have a backup champion just in case he gets banned.

1. Twitch

Best ADC Season 7

  • Popularity: 11.3% (Popular)
  • Win Rate: 52.8% (Above average)
  • Ban Rate: 12% (High)
  • Average Kills/Deaths/Assists: 8.4 / 5.9 / 7.5

Taking the number 1 spot by storm is Twitch, the sneaky little rat that is full of surprises. With his ability to turn invisible, sneak behind enemy lines and unleash carnage with his ultimate, it’s clear why he's the best ADC. The added poison he delivers on his attacks also comes in useful when enemies try to escape from his grasp.

Sitting with a win rate of 52.8%, Twitch has the highest win rate of any ADC is game. Compared to other champions, his ban rate is particularly that high either. At only 12%, Twitch manages to get away of playing a lot of ranked matches which is good news for your and bad news for the enemy. His ability to unleash extreme damage from a large range makes him the perfect ADC and the most likely champion you’ll score a pentakill on.

So there you have it, the best ADCs you should be playing in Season 7. With hard facts and figures taken from the game itself, it’s hard to disagree with the results. What do you think about the list? Were you expecting a certain champion to be mentioned? Let us know in the comments below!

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