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How to Get From Bronze to Challenger in LoL

Richard Heimer

26 th  March 2018

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The chances are if you play League of Legends then you want to WIN. After all, there’s nothing better than showing off to your friends about how good you are. For some players, LoL is an easy game, and they naturally have the skills to take them to the high leagues, while others struggle to break out of the dreaded elo hell.

Like every player who plays LoL, everyone wants to get better, but not everyone is willing to put in the time and practice. Although some players are naturally gifted and make everything look easy, a lot of the good players spend hours honing their skills. If you want to learn how to get from Bronze to Challenger, then you better be ready to put in the work.

To help you achieve your goal of reaching Challenger, we’ve put together a handy guide full of tips and techniques that will see your ranking soar.

For those of you that don’t think it’s possible, then just check out this interesting thread on Reddit. The poster initially started off in Season 1 as a Bronzie but his determination led him to playing thousands of games every season until he reached Challenger. Although he didn’t go from Bronze to Challenger straight away, hopefully, this will show you what is possible with a bit of persistence.

Here are our top tips on how to get from Bronze to Challenger in League of Legends.

Play As Much LoL As Possible

put in the time

One of the best ways to turbocharge your ranking and improve your in-game skills is simply by practicing. Unfortunately, there’s nothing you can read or do that will instantly make you a better player. Instead, you need to constantly practice your skills against real players. Over time, these small improvements will slowly start to accumulate until you notice a huge improvement in your performance and rankings.

By playing as much League of Legends as often as possible, you’ll learn something new every single day. It will also give you the chance to expand your skills and knowledge meaning you’ll be able to try new strategies, techniques and champions.

Focus on Objectives Not Kills

focus on objectives not kills

If you’re stuck in elo hell then you’re probably aware of how much of a noobfest it can be. In lower divisions and leagues, players seem to love focusing on getting as many kill as they can. Unfortunately, very few players actually focus on doing the right thing to win the game. This leaves many players frustrated. They end up getting lots of kills in a game but still end up losing, how come?

For those of you that don’t know, there are far more important things than getting kills in game. Whether that's taking a tower, improving your farm, or defending dragon, kills are nowhere near as important as you might think they are. If you’ve ever watched pro players play in big tournaments such as Worlds, then you’ll notice that it often takes a while for first blood to happen. Some games can even go nearly 20 minutes without a single kill. Why’s that? Because players are focusing on their individual objects and not just kills.

If you want to lead your team to victory, then try to make it as easy as possible for them within the game. This means pushing lanes, damaging towers, taking map control and defending/attacking the dragon. Some kills will happen naturally as part of the game, and you shouldn’t shy away from them, but thinking kills are the sole object of the game are going to get you anywhere. Since most teams don’t surrender, the only way they’ll give up is when their Nexus explodes. If you want to give your team the best chance of winning, then focusing on taking objectives is the fastest way to Challenger.

Learn to Deal With Awkward Players

lol awkward players

Mid or feed noob! I’m not playing support you can go CENSORED yourself! When it comes to teamwork in League of Legends, most of the time it is non-existent, especially in the lower leagues. If you want to learn how to get from Bronze to Challenger in LoL then you need to learn how to deal with awkward players. Some games can have a lot of tension from the get-go, especially if someone banned a champ you want to play, or someone stole someone else's role.

Dealing with inexperienced players is just one of the many things you have to learn to deal with if you want to become a good player. Not everyone will agree on your item build, and you might not agree on theirs, but understanding there is nothing you can do about it is what is important. Instead, you should be focusing on yourself and what you can do to win instead of moaning about other players.

Over time you’ll eventually learn how to remain calm and not trigger yourself over annoying players. The good news is that as you climb up the ranks players usually become nicer and more understanding compared to those in low divisions that will bite your head off for picking Teemo.

Study Pro Players

study pro gamers

One of the best ways to see a significant boost in your gameplay is by studying other players. Let’s face it, a player who is already in Challenger is most likely already a better player than you. However, when someone is better than you this opens up a great learning opportunity.

Since many highly skilled people stream on online sites such as, this opens up a whole new world of learning content. With the ability to watch highly skilled players play in real time while talking you through what they are doing, this is a great way to pick up some new techniques. By studying a select handful of skilled players on, you’d be amazed at how fast your skills can improve. If you really want to learn how to get from Bronze to Challenger, then the answer is staring you in the face. With so many talented players to watch and learn from, studying pro players is a great way to quickly improve your skills take your rank to the next level.

How To Get From Bronze To Challenger Faster

For many players, reaching Challenger is their primary goal. They don’t exactly care how they get there, but as long as they can show off to their friends, that’s all that matters. What if there was a way to skip all the boring stuff and jump straight into Challenger? Well there is!

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