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Cheap LoL Smurfs | Read This Before You Buy Cheap Smurfs

Richard Heimer

12 th  April 2017

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This article was written exclusively for, the best place to buy a League of Legends account.

When it comes to buying League of Legends smurf accounts you have 2 options:

Buy a cheap LoL smurf or pay a bit more for a premium account.

Both accounts might look the same, but are they? Most people are likely to choose the cheaper option but often end up regretting it later on.

Like everything in life, you get what you pay for. If you pay a few dollars for a cheap LoL smurf then you get a really bad quality account. Unfortunately, many people fall into this trap and actually end up spending even more money buying another LoL account. If only they knew the difference between premium LoL smurfs and cheap LoL smurfs.

To stop you from having a terrible experience, we're here to tell you why you should avoid cheap LoL smurfs at all costs. They might sound like a great deal, but they're definitely not. Here's why.

Cheap LoL Smurfs Are Botted

The first thing you need to know about cheap LoL smurfs is that they are always botted. This is primarily how they can sell them so cheap in the first place. By getting a bot to level up hundreds of accounts, these account sellers are rolling in the money. Not only do they not have to pay anyone money, but they can have hundreds of bots running at the same time.

Since they get the account for free, anything they sell them for is a profit. When it comes to cheap LoL smurfs, these account sellers only care about 1 thing: getting your money!

Compare this to premium account sellers in the market and they take a much different approach. Here at, we don't use robots at all, and we don't level 100 accounts on the same IP address. Instead, we use a manual approach which increases the quality of our accounts. They have better usernames, more realistic match history and no bot footprints.

Every account that has had a bot used to level them dramatically increases the chances of them being banned. This brings us nicely onto our second point about cheap LoL smurfs, they always get banned.

Cheap LoL Accounts Get Banned Regularly

cheap smurf banned

It's no secret that Riot hates players using bots and scripts in game. Ever since LoL was released, Riot have been continually cracking down on botters. It's got to the point where they can detect if you are using a bot just by looking at your match history. Cheap LoL smurf sellers love using bots as they don't have to pay anyone and it's fast. As long as they sell their accounts and get paid, that's all they care about.

That might be good for them, but it's bad news for you. Botted accounts are much more likely to get banned. In fact, some cheap LoL smurf sellers will sell you an account without even checking it. Imagine paying for a smurf account only to find out it's been banned already! The cheek.

Nevertheless, if you're lucky enough to receive a working smurf account from one of these shady sellers, then your troubles still aren't over. Riot like to ban in waves throughout the year. This means your account might be working fine until one day you can't login. The cheap smurf account seller has got his money and doesn't care about your problems.

As you'll learn in a bit, cheap LoL smurfs don't come with guarantees. This means you've not only lost your LoL account, but you've also lost your money. The only way to get another account would be to buy another. If you think about it, spending a bit more on the account in the first place is a much better solution to avoid all of this.

Here at, we have a fantastic track record of our accounts not getting banned. We've been in business for many years and our accounts have survived all the ban waves. Due to all of our accounts being hand level manually, we keep off Riot's radar. While other cheap LoL smurf sellers experience regular bans every week, we rarely get them. However, unlike other smurf sellers, if your LoL account does get banned, we actually replace it for free.

Cheap LoL Sellers Don't Offer Guarantees

cheap lol smurfs no guarantee

When it comes to aftercare support on cheap LoL smurfs, it is pretty much non-existent. As soon as they receive payment from you, that's it, they've got your money. If you happen to have any problems with your account such as for example, not being able to login, they don’t care.

This is one of the biggest problems when it comes to cheap LoL smurfs. You might have an account for 2 months but eventually, it will end up getting banned. When it finally does get banned, there's nothing you can do about it. Instead, you'll just be thinking about how you should have paid a little more to get a lifetime guarantee.

Here at, we were the first LoL smurf seller to offer a lifetime guarantee to all of our customers. This means that if your account gets banned for botting anytime in the future, we'll replace it for free. Simply send us an email and the error code you're receiving while logging in and we'll do the rest.

We treat our customers well and put a lot of focus into after sale support. Unlike other smurf sellers, we want to make sure you're satisfied with your account and you don't have any problems. Don't take our word for it, we have over 1000 positive reviews and testimonials from customers. If they love us, then we’re sure you’ll love us too.

Now you know why buying a cheap LoL smurf is a bad idea, make sure you only buy from trusted premium sellers. Not only will it stop your from getting banned in the future, but it will also save you money overall.

To find out why we’re the number 1 trusted store to buy LoL smurf accounts, visit our store below.

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