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League Of Legends Minecraft Skins

Richard Heimer

21 st  March 2016

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league of legends minecraft skins

By now everyone on the internet has heard of the Swedish born game sensation that is Minecraft. Minecraft took inspiration from the Danish creation of Lego and brought it into an online world where children and adults alike could create their dream inventions. The relaxing creative mode of Minecraft makes it a great game to play when you need to untilt from League of Legends but what if you wanted to play League of Legends in Minecraft? Well don’t worry because thanks to the community and people with too much time you can get your favourite League of Legends skins in Minecraft.

Minecraft Summoners Rift

minecraft summoners rift

The first thing you’ll need before you can play your favourite League of Legends skins in Minecraft is a summoners rift map. We recommend that you use this one from planet Minecraft because although it might not be the most up to date it still looks great and functions as a PvP battle arena if you have enough friends to play it with. Once you’ve downloaded and set up the map it’s time to find your favourite League of Legends skin in Minecraft!

League of Legends Minecraft skins

The best place to find Minecraft League of Legends skins would be either The Skindex or PlanetMinecraft. In the two lists we have linked you’ll easily be able to find your favourite LoL skin in Minecraft. Once you’ve downloaded your League of Legends Minecraft skin you need to change your current skin. To do that you need to sign in to minecraft.net/profile and simply upload your skin. Just make sure you pick Alex for newer League of Legends skins and Steve for the older ones.

If you are stuck for choice here are some of our favourite League of Legends Minecraft Skins that you can find:


brand minecraft skin
Click here to get the Brand League of Legends skin


braum minecraft skin
Click here to get the Braum League of Legends skin


darius minecraft skin
Click here to get the Darius League of Legends skin


rengar minecraft skin
Click here to get the Rengar League of Legends skin


nocture minecraft skin
Click here to get the Nocturne League of Legends skin

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