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The Best LoL Soccer Skins To Get You In The Soccer Mood

Richard Heimer

21 st  June 2018

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Every 4 years the world goes soccer (or football) crazy as teams from all over the world battle it out to be crowned the champions. It might only feel like yesterday but the World Cup is already upon us and everyone's getting in the soccer mood.

To celebrate the 2018 World Cup we're having a look at some of the best LoL soccer skins which have been released to date. Most of these skins were originally released to celebrate the World Cup in 2014 or 2010 but that doesn't mean they'll be forgotten (just like Maradona's handball!)

The 2014 World Cup skins are for Alistar, Maokai, Lucian, Twisted Fate and Gragas which sounds like they’d make the perfect 5 a side soccer team! While the 2010 World Cup skins are for Akali, Blitzcrank, Ezreal and Katarina which would also give you a run for your money. The new kids on the block for 2018 are Lee Sin and Rammus who are both sporting their first (and probably only) soccer skins.

To get you in that soccer mood for the rest of World Cup, here are the best LoL soccer skins.

Sweeper Alistar LoL Soccer Skin

Sweeper Alistar LoL Skin

This skin was originally released in 2014 as part of the World Cup celebrations and what a skin it is! The skin features Alistar in a blue and white soccer jersey looking like he's ready to tear up the other team on the field. Someone better remind him that he's playing soccer and not football! Although we’re not sure if he’ll be following the no headbutting rule of soccer. Originally sold in the store for 750 RP the skin was available during the World Cup season but has since been removed. Currently, this skin is not available and the only way to obtain it is to purchase an account with it already redeemed on.

Goalkeeper Maokai LoL Soccer Skin

Goalkeeper Maokai League Of Legends Skin

Also released as part of the 2014 World Cup collection bundle this skin features Maokai as the immovable tree in net. Sporting a similar jersey to Sweeper Alistar, since they are both on the same team after all. Maokai also has a goalie glove and a soccer net on the top of his back to distract players from the real net! What a cunning plan! This skin cost 750 RP in the Riot store at the time of release but is currently not available any longer. In terms of graphics and detail, this skin is definitely the most unique LoL soccer skin out of them all.

Striker Lucian LoL Soccer Skin

Striker Lucian LoL Skin

This skin features Lucian as you guessed it, a ferocious striker! Sporting the number 11 on his jersey with his blue headband, Lucian is definitely ready to score some goals on the field. Originally costing 750 RP in store like the other 2014 World Cup skins this popular skin has since been removed. Hopefully one day he'll make a comeback, but for now, the only way to obtain this cool skin is to buy an account with it already redeemed.

Striker Ezreal LoL Soccer Skin

Striker Ezreal LoL Skin

One of the most popular LoL soccer skins is Striker Ezreal. This fan favourite has been around since the 2010 World Cup release along with the rest of skins released in the bundle. The skin features Ezreal wearing a Riot soccer jersey with his name and the number 10 on his back. In soccer culture, the number 10 is usually reserved for the most skilful player on the team. The most iconic soccer players such as Pelé, Diego Maradona, Zinedine Zidane and Messi have all worn the number 10 jersey. When the skin was available in the store back in 2010 it was listed for 520 RP.

Red Card Twisted Fate LoL Soccer Skin

Redcard Twisted Fate LoL Skin

Another skin from the 2014 World Cup collection and similar to Katarina’s skin, Twisted Fate shares the same theme of being the referee for the match. After all, he is the master of cards. The skin features Twisted Fate in a brightly coloured yellow striped shirt with plenty of red cards to use at his disposal. The animation for his ultimate has also been changed and now shows him blowing a whistle when card gating to the other side of the map. Back when the skin was available in the store, you could grab this awesome look for only 750 RP. At the time it was an absolute steal, but today the skin is no longer available in store.

Superfan Gragas LoL Soccer Skin

Superfan Gragas LoL Skin

Cheering the soccer team from the stands is Superfan Gragas. This skin which was also part of the 2014 World Cup collection features Gragas in all his glory. Walking around with his trusty keg of ale, Gragas is also painted in blue body paint to match the other members of his team. If you’ve ever been to a big soccer game there’s always a superfan who looks just like Gragas. If you want to be THAT superfan then this is the skin for you! The skin cost 750 RP in store during the World Cup promotional period but since then has been removed.

Red Card Katarina LoL Soccer Skin

Red Card Katarina LoL Skin

Similar to Twisted Fate’s skin, Katarina shares the same red card theme. Originally released for the 2010 World Cup this skin features Katarina in a traditional black and white ref shirt ready to dish out some red cards. This skin has also become a popular cosplay costume for people attending cosplay events. The skin itself was sold in the store during its original release for 975 RP and has since been removed.

Goalkeeper Blitzcrank LoL Soccer Skin

Goalkeeper Blitzcrank LoL Skin

If you could pick any LoL champion to be in net for your team it would probably be Blitzcrank. Well with this skin your dreams will actually come true! Released as part of the 2010 World Cup collection, this skin features Blitzcrank as the goalkeeper for his team. The skin has Blitzcrank in a white Riot jersey matching everyone else in the collection and a number 8 on his back. You can definitely see why this is one of the most popular LoL soccer skins.

All-Star Akali LoL Soccer Skin

All Star Akali LoL Skin

This unique and rare LoL soccer skin features Akali dressed up in fully pink soccer gear ready to make her mark on the pitch. This is actually the only skin from the 2010 World Cup collection that doesn't feature the white Riot jersey which definitely makes her stand out from the rest of the team. Instead, Akali dons the number 12 on her back with a new texture and colour also on her kama swords. Originally costing 975 RP in store this was one of the more expensive skins from the 2010 collection but is currently no longer available.

Sweeper Rammus Soccer Skin

sweeper rammus

Released as part of the 2018 World Cup celebrations, the Sweeper Rammus skin is currently available in store for a limited time only. Available for 975RP this skin is sure to be removed once the 2018 World Cup is over. If you want to sweep the field and become the ball, then this skin is just for you. When using his powerball ability, Rammus turns himself into an actual soccer ball. This might be considered cheating, but since his vocabulary is very limited, we don't think he'll understand!

Playmaker Lee Sin Soccer Skin

playmarker lee sin skin

Another release to celebrate the 2018 World Cup is the Playmaker Lee Sin skin. Also wearing the number 10 shirt, (which shows how skilled he is), this skin is incredibly well made and features a lot of detail. Also available for 975RP from the Riot store, this skin is very likely to be removed once the event is over meaning it will be joining the legacy vault just like the others. If you're really soccer mad and want an awesome skin to add to your collection, then this one defintley ticks all of the boxes.

Currently, all these LoL soccer skins are unavailable in the Riot store but there is a chance the 2014 World Cup skins will return in the future. Back in 2014 to celebrate the World Cup Riot re-released the bundle of 2010 World Cup skins. Judging from this it's likely that Riot will re-release the skins for the upcoming 2020 EUFA Cup. But until then sit back and enjoy the 2018 World Cup!

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