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Rarest LoL Skins: How to get the most Rare LoL Skins

Richard Heimer

2 nd  August 2017

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Rare LoL Skins: Skins that aren't obtainable anymore, and skins that make you know a player is going to be good.

Alright we're kidding, skins don't equal wins. Since the launch of League of Legends, there have been countless skins released over the years. Some much better than others…

Rusty Blitzcrank Rare LoL skin

With so many skins out there this raises the question: what is the rarest League of Legends skin?

To settle this debate once and for all, we’ve found the rarest League of Legends skins out there. From Black Alistar to Hextech Annie, these are the rarest LoL skins you wish you had in your collection.

Enough of the chit chat, feast your eyes upon these amazingly rare LoL skins!

Rarest League Of Legends Skins

15. Angler Jax

The first rare skin on our list is Angler Jax. Released back in 2010, this skin was available in store for a short time before it was removed and became legacy. The skin features Jax as a fisherman who has swapped his lantern for a new fishing rod!

Initially costing 975 RP, this Jax skin was soon removed from the store and has never returned since. Although it’s not the best-looking skin, this skin is actually pretty rare. Considering how many people played LoL back in 2010 you can imagine how few people got the chance to buy it.

14. Unmasked Kayle

Next up on our rare LoL skin list is this rarely seen Kayle skin. Appropriately named “Unmasked Kayle”, this legacy skin was released back in 2010 to a limited player base. The skin was the first to feature Kayle without her traditional helmet on.

To many players, this might not seem like a rare LoL skin but in fact, it actually is! Considering the amount of time it was available for in the store, very few players managed to add it to their collection. With no new particles, animations or sounds, we can’t say it’s the best skin, but there’s no doubt it’s one of the rarest skins in League of Legends.

13. Hextech Annie

An incredibly detailed skin, Hextech Annie is also one of the hardest skins to obtain in game. To get this skin you need to collect 10 Gemstones from Hextech chests and redeem them. The slight problem is the drop rate of Gemstones from chests are less than 1%. This means in order to collect all 10 Gemstones it could literally take you YEARS of collecting.

Unlike the other skins on this list, this is one of the few skins that is still available in game. If you’re looking to add the Hextech Annie skin to your collection, then you better hope you’re lucky.

12. Grey Warwick

Released way back in 2009, Grey Warwick was one of the first skins released by Riot. During the initial launch of the game, Riot used Grey Warwick as an incentive for players to recruit their friends. The referral program required 50 referrals in order to unlock this rare skin.

The recruit a friend program was removed in September of 2015 with only a few thousand people managing to reach the milestone. As of today, the skin is no longer obtainable which makes it pretty rare! If you happen to have this rare LoL skin then congratulations, you’ll be the envy of everyone on the rift.

11. Championship Riven

Championship Riven is a legacy skin that was released back in 2012 as part of the 2012 World Championship celebrations. Featuring a complete visual transformation, this skin is one of the most sought after skins in League of Legends today.

Originally released in the store for 975 RP, many players managed to grab themselves an excellent skin. However, within a few months of being released the skin was removed from the store making it no longer available. As of today there are 2 versions of the skin, Championship Riven and Championship Riven 2016.

Even after 4 years since its release the demand for the skin is still exceptionally high.

10. PAX Sivir

The PAX skin collection is a set of 3 skins that were all released at the Penny Arcade Expo event. The last skin to be released was PAX Sivir in 2011 which features Sivir as the Tron character in a wacky neon color scheme. Just like the rest of the PAX skins, this skin was given out physically at the event on a card.

Considering this was the last PAX skin available it’s technically the least popular compared to the others. However, it still looks amazing, and it still is a PAX skin! Both of these make it super rare and the demand for PAX skins are always increasing!

9. Victorious Jarvan IV

Victorious skins are rewards at the end of a season for players who reach a certain rank. Most of the time it requires players to reach at least Gold league in order to unlock the skin. The first victorious skin ever released was victorious Jarvan at the end of season 1.

Since the first season of League of Legends had only a handful of players, not many people managed to unlock the skin. This makes it one of the rarest LoL skins out there today! Since a lot of players who used to League of Legends in season 1 no longer play anymore, you can imagine how few people own this skin.

8. PAX Jax

The second PAX skin to be released from the PAX collection is PAX Jax. The skin was released in 2010 and features Jax as the Cardboard Tube Samurai from the Penny Arcade comic. If you look closely on the back of his cape, you’ll even notice a PAC-MAN symbol.

Like the rest of the PAX skins, this was also handed out on a physical card to attendees of the event. Since the attendance of the event was limited, only a few thousand people managed to get themselves this awesome skin. It might not look like the best skin, but if it's a PAX skin then it’s super rare!

7. PAX Twisted Fate

The first PAX skin ever released was PAX Twisted Fate back in 2009. Just from looking at this skin you can see how awesome it is. With his blue-trimmed outline and PAX 09 logo on his cape, this skin definitely stands out from the rest.

Gifted to just a few thousand people at the Penny Arcade Expo event in 2009, PAX Twisted Fate is the most sought after rare skin in game. Before Riot disabled skin codes, PAX Twisted Fate codes would regularly sell for $400+ on eBay and other markets. Since the skin codes eventually got disabled, this only made the rarity of the skin increase.

6. UFO Corki

Released in 2010, UFO Corki is a rare legacy skin that was never released in the store. To obtain this magnificent skin, players had to have a League of Legends account before January 14th 2010. It might sound like a simple requirement, but considering how many people played the game back then you can imagine how many players it was gifted to.

Since then the skin has been unobtainable in game. If you do happen to own this skin then it basically proves you’re a veteran of the rift.

5. Rusty Blitzcrank

One of the weirdest and frankly most disappointing skins on this list is Rusty Blitzcrank. Originally released in 2009, the skin is almost identical to the default Blitzcrank skin. Due to the similarity and poor sales, Riot removed the skin from the store a few weeks later. This meant that hardly anyone got the chance to buy it, (not like you would anyway!).

Since its removal from the store, the skin has become exceptionally rare and has actually increased its demand! It might be a very poorly made skin, but that doesn’t stop it from being one of the rarest LoL skins.

4. Silver Kayle

Most skins on this list were available to buy in the store for a limited time, but not this one. Silver Kayle is a rare skin that was only available as part of the limited collector’s edition. Players who bought the collector's edition were given the option between Black Alistar, Goth Annie, Human Ryze (Young Ryze) and Silver Kayle.

It’s estimated that only 65,000 people received the skin back in 2009, making it super rare today. Pretty much any skin from the collector's edition can be considered rare (like you’ll see later on). If you managed to get any of these skins when the game first came out, then don’t keep them hidden in your vaults, show them off on the rift!

3. Young Ryze

Formally known as Human Ryze, Young Ryze is a super rare legacy skin that was released back in 2009. Similar to the Silver Kayle skin, Young Ryze was a reward for ordering the collector's edition of the game before it was released. It’s estimated that around 65,000 people received the skin, making it less than 1% of the LoL community today.

To make the skin even rarer, the skin recently underwent a rework to make it look even more awesome. Now Young Ryze is one of the most sought after Ryze skins out there.

2. Black Alistair

Similar to the Young Ryze and Silver Kayle skins, Black Alistar is a rare skin that was released back in 2009. Included in the League of Legends collector’s edition, Black Alistar was only redeemed by around 55,000 people, making it slightly rarer than the rest of the skins. This was probably due to its visual appearance as it wasn’t as good compared to Young Ryze.

Ultimately, by not a lot of people claiming this skin, it actually went on to make the skin even rarer! Today it’s considered super rare and players will easily pay $400+ just for this skin.

1. King Rammus

Coming it at number 1 on our rare LoL skins list has to be King Rammus. The King Rammus skin was released back in 2009 before League of Legends was even officially released. Players who took part in the LoL closed beta were gifted this skin as a thank you for testing out the game.

Considering this was one of the first obtainable skins released way before the collector's edition skins or PAX skins, this has to be the rarest LoL skin out there.

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