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How to buy League of Legends account safely

Alistar Smyth

30 th  June 2022

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"Let the buyer beware"

Roman proverb

Even in ancient times, exchanging money for goods was hard. In the time of the internet, it's even more challenging. You do not see the seller, you do not see the goods, and getting your money back is nearly impossible. Riot Games does not support trading accounts, leading to scammers and shady companies. Fortunately, the demand often creates a solution to such problems.

What are the goods, and who is the seller?

In modern society, people do not need to know how the sausage is made. First, it spoils the appetite, and second, all this knowledge is not practical. Modern people do not need to inspect their sausage because of quality standards and multiple government regulations about the meat industry guaranteeing the product's safety.

These rules do not apply to trading with league of legends accounts. There are no government regulations, and the game developers do not support trading with accounts, and if you complain to riot about the scam, they will do absolutely nothing.

We have been in the market for more than ten years now, and we are ready to spill the beans and tell you how the sausage is made so you can be more watchful during your shopping and minimize the risk to nearly zero.

Types of accounts and their risk

First of all, let's talk about the sources of the accounts. There are two types of accounts that we should differentiate.

  • Hand-levelled accounts - levelled by real players, often have a prior ranking. However, our Blue Essence accounts are hand-levelled and have 100% fresh MMR.
  • Botted accounts - levelled to a certain level by automated scripts without human assistance. These accounts are much cheaper and of lower quality.

Depending on the type of account, it has different risks.

The most common reasons for lost access to a botted League of Legends accounts are:

  • Bans for third-party software - botting. These bans happen in waves, sometimes months after your purchase, preventing you from disputing the transaction. Most accounts receive a ban within three months after the purchase. For this reason, we do not sell accounts levelled by bots.
  • Permanent suspension - Sometimes, when you log in from a very different IP than the previous user or a bot, the account will be locked until you can provide recovery details for the account.
  • Account Recovery - Some shady sellers will recover the account after you have purchased it to resell it again.

The leading cause of loss of hand-levelled accounts are:

  • Recovered by the previous owner - This happens a lot, and the more expensive your account is, the bigger the odds that the seller will suddenly change his mind and recover the account.
  • Permanent suspension - Sometimes, when you log in from a very different IP than the previous user or a bot, the account will be locked until you can provide recovery details for the account.

How UnrankedSmurfs protects you from fraud

We have three layers of protection against common ban reasons.

First, we do not sell and never will sell botted accounts. These accounts carry too many risks to the buyer and are of poor quality. We are also players, and we know nothing is worse than playing on an account for a few months and then getting it permanently banned. Imagine you just spent a lot of money for RP and finally unlocked all your favourite champions, and then this happens...

That's why UnrankedSmurfs will never sell botted accounts and will do everything in our power to prevent our sellers from ever selling botted accounts.

Our next layer of protection targets another common ban: suspended account. We are the only seller who provides full recovery details to the accounts we sell and verifies their accuracy. This prevents you from ever getting locked off the account because you logged in from uncommon IP after forgetting to turn off your VPN.

The third layer of protection is against dishonest sellers. This is the hardest thing and where all our competition fails miserably. Our website acts as an intermediary between you and the seller. All accounts you purchase on our website are purchased from us; therefore, we are responsible for its security, not some third-party seller. Our competition says they guarantee you will receive your account, but they will do absolutely nothing after someone recovers the account, claiming the seller is to be blamed. We verify the identity of all who sell accounts to us and guarantee you get what you bought.

What are recovery details?

Riot currently does not support 2FA with phones or any other service. So what happens if you lose access to your email address? Riot came up with a unique solution to confirm that you are the account's original owner. They ask you a set of questions about the history of your account such as:

  • First 3150 BE champion purchased
  • First 4800 BE champion purchased
  • First 6300 BE champion purchased
  • Birthdate
  • Original email used to create the account
  • Country of creation
  • Date of account creation
  • First Skin purchased
  • (Other relevant information about the account, such as used credit cards, etc.)

If you can answer their questions in Riot's eyes, you are the account's legitimate owner. This gives you the ability to recover your account at any time, even if you get hacked, and on top of that, you can get full information about your account by opening a data request ticket.

UnrankedSmurfs is the only website that offers you recovery details with your purchase to guarantee the safety of your account. Just turn on the add-on in the cart or checkout, and we will deliver recovery details to you.

Safety checklist

To make sure your account is safe, follow this checklist.

  1. Purchase only from reputable sellers
  2. It's best if you purchase accounts only with recovery data included
  3. Change login details as soon as you can
  4. Verify your email address. Use a unique email address for each of your accounts
  5. Do not purchase RP or BE for the first 2-4 weeks
  6. Make a data request ticket with riot games support after 3-4 months on the account and with some purchases already made.

If you do it through our website, account buying is very safe. If you have any questions about the safety of your account, don't hesitate to contact us.

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