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What Is A LoL Account With All Champions?

Richard Heimer

8 th  November 2022

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Let’s face it, League of Legends is an extremely competitive game.

Even if you’re just playing for fun, if you want to compete and win, you need an account with solid roster of champions. So what makes the best LoL account? Well for starters, an account that has specific champions you play or even all champions!.

An account like this means that you are more likely to win because you can be more flexible in the draft phase of the game. Which over the seasons gets more and more important. Of course, there are several other factors that determine If this is the best LoL account to have. Either way, let’s get into it!

What Is A LoL Account With All Champions?

A LoL account with all champions is an account that has all of the current champions at the time of the account’s creation. In other words, it’s an account that has every single champion in the game.

Because of this, if a new champion were to be added to the game, the account would no longer be considered with all champions. You can tell if your account has all champions by looking at the number of “unlocked” champions you have on your LoL account page. If there are more than 100 champions unlocked, then you have an account with more than enough champions to fit your playstyle.

What Is A LoL Account With All Champions And All Skins?

A LoL account with all champions and all skins is an account that has every single champion and all of their skins.

These types of accounts are extremely rare and very valuable. There are very few websites that offer them, and you’re likely to pay a pretty penny for one.

Now, the reason these types of accounts are so valuable is because they are considered to be “complete” LoL accounts. In other words, they have more than 140 champions and all of their skins. Not only do these types of accounts have a lot of champions unlocked, they often come pre-packed with a lot of different skins unlocked along the way.

How To Get An Account With All Champions?

You might ask how to get an account with all champions. Well luckily, there are a couple of ways to go about this.

Play the games yourself

You can just keep playing the game for free and over very long period of time you will eventually unlock all champions. If you are an average player with 5-8 games per week this is likely to take you around 3-5 years of grind. This is a LOT of time invested into a F2P game.

Buy an account

By far the fastest way to unlock all or almost all champions is by purchasing an account. You can get everything you need witihin under a minute from your purchase if you buy from a professional website such as ours. While the cost of 149.99$+ might seem expensive at first, but if you compare it to buying champions using RP you will find out you are saving hundreds of dollars. So give yourself a treat, skip the grind, save the money and get yourself a 100+ champions account from our store.

There are two ways to go about that, we always have in offer 100+ Champions Accounts which contain little to no cosmetic content unlocked.

If you are looking for a high-end account with specific champions or rare skins, take a look at our high-end skins shop. Filter by Champions and Skins and find exactly what you need.

Buying Champions with RP

Corporate loves this way of unlocking all Champions. See all champions in League of Legends can be purchased using two different currencies. Most people unlock their champions with Blue Essence, a free currency. However you can also buy champions using Riot Points, a premium currency. If you want our opinion this is a complete waste of money. To buy all champions using RP you would have to spend a wooping 946$. For this price you can get in our store an account with exclusive limited contnent from Season 1 and almost all champions so save money and buy from UnrankedSmurfs.

Can You Buy A League Account With All Champions?

One of the most common questions people ask when it comes to LoL accounts is if they can buy one with all champions.

The answer to this is yes, however, you will have to pay a pretty penny to do so. Accounts with all champions go for 400$+ usually, however we have 100+ Champion accounts in stock right now for only 149.99$. You can also check our other offers in our high-end store.

How Much Is The Account With All Champions Worth?

The main factor influencing how much an account is worth is the amount of Champions and Skins it has. There are other contributing factors that add up to accounts history such as:

  • It’s ranking and ranked rewards
  • Rare exclusive content such as Icons, borders etc
  • Other Cosmetic content such as Chromas, Little Legends, Arenas etc.
  • Status of it’s email (Verified or Unverified)

Is An Account With All Champions Rare?

Even though a lot of people play the game with accounts that have all or almost all champions, that doesn't mean that an account like this is common. After all, most people who have this kind of account want to keep using it and not sell it. Because of this, there aren't many accounts like this for sale at any given time, and the ones that are for sale aren't cheap.

If you happen to stumble on an account with all champions and a bunch of skins you can consider yourself lucky. This is an exceptionally rare find, but even a simple all champions account can be considered rare just due to the time investment required to get one.

Can Account With All Champs Get Banned?

This is a very common and very good question. The truth is that ANY account you buy could theoretically be banned by Riot Games. Sharing accounts is against Riot's Terms of Service, so you can't trade accounts. In similar cases, EU and Australian courts, however, backed up the right of end users to sell their accounts to other people. So, in short, it's not likely that your account will be banned.

At the moment, accounts don't get banned just because they were bought. But your account could be locked if you access it from a strange IP address or an uncommon place. That's why it's very important to always buy accounts that come with recovery information. We have a great guide on how account recovery works and why it's important if you don't know about that yet.

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