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Arcade Ahri Skin Information And Accounts

Arcade Ahri Lol Skin

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Arcade Ahri Skin Information

Availability In Store
Price 1350 RP
Concept Ahri as a retro video game character
Model Brand new model with new colorful textures
Particles All new particles and effects on abilities
Animations New animation for recall
Sounds New sounds for abilities and recall
Rarity common
Release date 25/08/2016

Arcade Ahri is a common skin that was released in August 2016.

The skin features Ahri as a colorful gamer girl with several changes to her model and texture. Ahri also shares the same arcade theme with the following champions:

  • Battle Boss Blitzcrank
  • Arcade Corki
  • Arcade Ezreal
  • Arcade Hecarim
  • Arcade Miss Fortune
  • Arcade Riven
  • Arcade Sona
  • Final Boss Veigar

Arcade Ahri features Ahri completely transformed into a gamer girl. With a new model featuring headphones and her trusty GameBoy, you can certainly tell she's a big fan of video games. Ahri also has a colorful new texture with lots of new particle changes to match the theme. Her orb is now a pixel ball and looks a lot cooler than her default orb.

Another little addition to the skin is that Ahri’s tails continuously cycle through different colors, even after dying!

There are also several changes to her sounds including new sound effects for her abilities and recall animation.

Ahri’s new recall animation features her playing on a retro arcade machine before jumping through it just before teleporting back. Losing a game can be frustrating, but jumping through the machine is something else!

If you're looking to add this awesome Arcade skin to your collection, then be sure to grab it while you still can! Currently, the skin is available in store for 1350 RP, but there is no knowing when it will be removed.

Arcade Ahri Images

Arcade Ahri League of Legends Skin
Arcade Ahri Ultimate Animation
Arcade Ahri recall
Arcade Ahri charm animation
Arcade Ahri abilities

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