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Dawnbringer Riven Skin Information And Accounts

Dawnbringer Riven Lol Skin

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Dawnbringer Riven Skin Information

Availability Available
Price 1820 RP
Concept Riven as an ascended Danwbringer
Model Re-textured with major graphical changes.
Particles New particles for abilities
Animations New animation for recall and movement
Sounds New voice and sound effects on abilities
Rarity common
Release date 14/06/2017

Dawnbringer Riven is a Legendary skin that you can find in the store right now.

 Released back in June of 2017, Dawnbringer Riven is the polar opposite of the Nightbringer Yasuo skin.

Dawnbringer Riven gives off a “fallen angel” sort of vibe, which is fitting – given Rivens lore. She’s also a lot more colourful than she is in some of her other skins.

Her cloak is translucent and follows her movements in a very fluid motion. This, combined with the faint glow it emits, makes Riven seem extremely otherworldly.

We can’t forget her sword either, which is a soft purple and creates a wave of divine, neon blue energy when she ults. Speaking of which, her ultimate has received some pretty impressive changes – the most noticeable of which is the change to her voice.

Whenever she speaks while her ultimate is activated, her voice booms out echoes slightly, the changes to her appearance come in at a close second though.

The angelic golden glow Riven creates when she ults is reminiscent of the Arclight skin series. It obtains the same gold and white color scheme, and the golden light is almost the exact same shade!

Additionally, Dawnbringer Riven also comes with a whole new set of voice elines and a death animation that dissolves her into specs of sunlight.

Dawnbringer Riven is currently available in the store to buy for 1820 RP and is, in our opinion, the second best Riven skin out there! The best Riven skin has to go to Championship Riven, which can no longer be obtained in game.

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