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Nightbringer Yasuo Skin Information And Accounts

Nightbringer Yasuo Lol Skin

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Nightbringer Yasuo Skin Information

Availability Available
Price 1350
Concept Yasuo as a flame wreathed warrior
Model New model changes, including a flaming sword
Particles New particles for abilities
Animations New animation for recall and death
Sounds New sound effects on abilities and some new voice lines
Rarity common
Release date 14/06/2017

Nightbringer Yasuo is a Legendary skin that you can currently obtain from the store!

Originally released in June of 2017, Nightbringer Yasuo is the antithesis of Dawnbringer Riven – she is the sun, and he is the night. This stark difference is portrayed well, both in the skins visual updates, and in their personalities.

Nightbringer Yasuo is as demonic as Dawnbringer Riven is angelic. His hair seems to send up embers like a smouldering flame, and his sword contains a tiny fire elemental.

This fire elemental occasionally pops out of the sword whenever Yasuo uses some emotes, and it helps add an element of cuteness to this otherwise intimidating skin.

Yasuo’s voice also sounds a touch more demonic, and he’s received plenty of new voice lines, such as;

“Only a coward clings to tranquil dreams”

“Some choose their path, others are condemned to it”

“Rage destroys all in its path, order is deception, chaos, truth”

In addition to those edgy quotes, he’s also been given plenty of visual changes that make him stand out! One of the most noticeable being his abilities – all of which now burn a bright orange.

And we couldn’t finish this without talking about his sword!

Unlike Yasuo’s regular Katana, he now wields a scimitar that gets hotter further up the blade, turning molten red at the tip.

The hilt also contains a hole that seems to contain the source of Nightbringer Yasuo’s blazing abilities.

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