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Dragonslayer Pantheon Skin Information And Accounts

Dragonslayer Pantheon Lol Skin

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Dragonslayer Pantheon Skin Information

Availability Available In Store
Price 1350 RP
Concept Pantheon as an epic Dragonslayer Knight
Model New model and new textures for his weapon and armor
Particles New particles for abilities
Animations New animation for recall and his ultimate
Sounds New sounds for his abilities
Rarity common
Release date 15/05/2014

Dragonslayer Pantheon is a common skin that was released in May 2014.

If you were lucky enough to attend the 2014 Anime Expo in Los Angeles, then you would have received Dragonslayer Pantheon and the Fist Bump ward on a redeemable coupon. Unfortunately, since then all skin coupons have been disabled by Riot. So if you did manage to get one but forgot to redeem it, then bad luck!

The skin was inspired by anime characters and resembles a Dragoon from the Final Fantasy franchise. Dragonslayer Pantheon also shares the same skin theme with Dragonslayer Braum, Dragonslayer Jarvan IV and Dragonslayer Vayne.

Dragonslayer Pantheon has had many model and texture changes, resulting in a mean looking skin. With a new weapon and new armor, Pantheon looks like a total badass and is ready to take any champion!

To add to the Dragonslayer theme, Pantheon’s projectiles and particles have also been changed so that he throws burning spears at his enemies. These spears stay the same when using his Heartseeker Strike.

When performing his ultimate, Grand Skyfall, Pantheon temporarily gains huge flaming dragon wings on his back before jumping up into the sky. Upon landing, Pantheon creates a massive flaming shockwave and creates a crater in the ground.

Dragonslayer Pantheon also features a new recall animation in which he performs some tricks with his spear before teleporting back to base.

Finally, the skin also includes several new sounds to match his abilities and helps make the skin even better!

As mentioned earlier, Dragonslayer Pantheon was originally given out to attendees at the Anime Expo back in 2014. Since then the ability to redeem this free gift has been disabled by Riot and the only way to buy the skin now is in the store. Currently available for 1350 RP, if you’re having trouble with Shyvana in the top lane then you clearly need this Dragonslayer skin!

Dragonslayer Pantheon Images

Dragon Slayer Pantheon League of Legends Skin
League of Legends Dragon slayer pantheon spear
Dragon slayer pantheon ultimate
Dragon slayer pantheon jump

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