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Meowkai Lol Skin

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Meowkai Skin Information

Availability Available In Store
Price 1350 RP
Concept Maokai dressed up in a onesie as a cat
Model New texture and model including several new cat models
Particles All new particles and effects on abilities and ultimate
Animations New animation for recall
Sounds New sounds for abilities and recall
Rarity common
Release date 01/04/2016

Meowkai is a common skin that was released in April 2016.

The skin features the champion Maokai in a cat onesie and is a reference to the internet meme Nyan Cat. Meowkai also shares the same theme with Moo Cow Alistar, Reverse Annie, and Definitely Not Udry whom all wear a similar onesie.

Released on April 1st 2016 (also known as Draven Day), the skin has been available in store for 1350 RP ever since. The Meowkai skin features a complete visual makeover leaving Maokai almost unrecognizable. He now carries around a big blue smiling cat on his left arm which he uses as his shield, and his small sapling has been changed into a tiny blue cat.

In addition to the major model changes, a lot of his particles have also been changed. When using his Twisted Advance ability, Meowkai now leaves behind a little cloud and rainbow just like Nyan Cat himself. In addition to this, Meowkai’s sapling particle has also been changed into the small blue cat that he carries around with him. His ultimate also includes new particles were the outside of his aura now has several cat faces.

There is also a new recall animation where Maokai plays with a ball of wool before teleporting back to base. It also includes a lot of playful cat noises to add to the overall skin. To complete the skin, there are also several new sound effects for all of Meowkai’s abilities and emotes.

If this wasn't enough the skin comes with a collection of Meowkai chromas which you can see below. There are currently 8 chromas in store, all available for 2000 BE each.

The Meowkai chromas available are:

  • Rose Quartz
  • Pearl
  • Citrine
  • Tanzanite
  • Aquamarine
  • Hearts
  • Peridot
  • Amethyst

If you want to grab this awesome skin and add it to your collection then be sure to buy it while it’s still available in store. There’s no knowing when this awesome skin will get removed.

Meowkai SkinImages

What does Meowkai Skin look like in game?

We've had our trained Yordles take some images of this skin in game, including the abilities and ultimate.

League of Legends Meowkai Skin
Meowkai Recall Animation
Meowkai Ultimate Animation
Meowkai Sapling Animation

Meowkai Chroma Images

Does Meowkai have chroma?

Yes! He has a wide range of colours available including Rose Quartz, Pearl, Citrine, Tanzanite, Aquamarine, Hearts, Peridot and Amethyst.

What does Meowkai Chroma look like?

Check out the images of Meowkai Chroma below to see what this skin looks like in game, in all the available chroma's:

  • blue meowkai chroma

    Meowkai Tanzanite
  • meowkai orange chroma

    Meowkai Citrine
  • Meowkai Hearts Pink Chroma

    Meowkai Hearts
  • Meowkai pink chroma

    Meowkai Rose
  • meowkai purple chroma

    Meowkai Amethyst
  • meowkai blue chroma

    Meowkai Tanzanite
  • meowkai green chroma

    Meowkai Peridot
  • meowkai grey chroma

    Meowkai Pearl

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