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Omega Squad Teemo Skin Information And Accounts

Omega Squad Teemo Lol Skin

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Omega Squad Teemo Skin Information

Availability Available in Store
Price 1820 RP
Concept Teemo as a tactical covert ops commando
Model New model changes including new weapon, facial helmet and glowing goggles. Mushrooms changed to mines.
Particles New particles for blinding dart
Animations New animations for auto attacks, abilities, emotes, death and recall
Sounds New sounds for his abilities, auto attacks and recall. Also has new voiceovers and quotes.
Rarity common
Release date 09/04/2015

Omega Squad Teemo is a common skin that was released in 2015.

The skin itself features Teemo as a covert ops commando who's part of the secret all-Yordle Omega Squad. After suffering a mental breakdown after his constant exposure to war and fighting he is now a remorseless killing machine. He also shares the same theme with Special Forces Gangplank.

The skin was released in April 2015 and has its own official promo page which can be found here. The promo page features several trophies from other champions he has collected while serving in the Omega Squad. These include items such as Gangplank’s cutlass and pistol, Olaf’s axes and Caitlyn's sniper rifle.

Since it’s release the skin has been available in the Riot store for 1820 RP. There is so much work and effort that has gone into this skin it’s definitely worth the price.

The skin itself features a lot of changes from new animations to new sounds. The model has been changed dramatically giving teemo a full commando makeover. He now has a new helmet that covers his whole face as well as glowing goggles that he carries around with him. His helmet is a reference to the video game franchise Fallout, while the goggles are a reference to Sam Fisher from Splinter Cell.

Teemo also has a new blowgun that is a lot different than his previous stick of bamboo. His mushrooms have been transformed into large landmines, waiting for some unfortunate person to trigger them.

The skin also features new particles for his auto attack and abilities. When using his blinding dart ability he now throws his knife that he can be seen carrying when using his emotes.

In addition to the model changes and new particles the skin also has new animations for several of his abilities. His recall animation has also been changed into Teemo being airlifted away by a helicopter. Instead of having a dancing emote he does pull ups on his stretched out blowgun.

Finally to complete the overall effect of the skin there have been new sounds and voiceovers added. These new sounds occur when Omega Teemo uses his abilities, auto attacks and recall. They also occur when he places his landmines and buys certain items from the store.

If you’re looking for a high quality skin the Omega Teemo ticks all the boxes. Although the skin is still available in the store now there’s no telling when it will be removed.

Omega Squad Teemo Images

Omega Squad Teemo League of Legends Skin
Omega Squad Teemo Ingame
Omega Squad Teemo League of Legends Skin
Omega Squad Teemo Ingame Animations

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