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Pulsefire Caitlyn Skin Information And Accounts

Pulsefire Caitlyn Lol Skin

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Pulsefire Caitlyn Skin Information

Availability Available In Store
Price 1820 RP
Concept Caitlyn as a futuristic sniper
Model Model changes include a new take on Caitlyn's gun, along with a new hairstyle and clothes
Particles New particles for auto attacks and abilities
Animations New recall animations, as well as her emotes, homeguard movement, and abilities
Sounds New voice overs with additional quotes for recall, respawn, start of match, autoattacks and more
Rarity common
Release date 25/05/2017

Pulsefire Caitlyn is a Legendary skin currently available in the Riot store.

This skin is part of a large collection of Pulsefire skins, which include Riven, Ezreal, Shen and more! You can pick Pulsefire Caitlyn right now in the Riot store – if you have 1820 RP to spare.

For that much RP, you’re likely expecting this skin to blow you away; Well, you’d be right.

Not only has Caitlyn’s gun received a makeover, but it’s also gained the ability to turn itself into other things. It can become a chair, a portal, and even a futuristic bike (which she hops on whenever she’s moving fast enough.)

If that wasn’t enough, she’s also received a few new voice lines, including a rework of the classic “boom, headshot.”

The Pulsefire colour theme of blue, silver and white remains consistent, and her abilities have been adapted to fit her new futuristic look. Her ultimate’s laser looks much more high-tech, and her ‘Peacemaker’ now whacks enemies with a massive laser surge.

As with all Pulsefire skins, Caitlyn ended up this way after unlocking the secrets of time travel. Unlike most of the Pulsefire crew however, Caitlyn is one of the Chrono-enforcers.

Ever an officer of the law, she was tasked with hunting down those who threaten the integrity of a timeline – choosing to quietly take them down from afar, as to avoid the risk of interfering with the past/future too much.

These skins are inspired by The One, Back to the Future, and more. They might be around now, but one day Riot might add them to the Legacy fault. Unfortunately, you can’t just pop back in time like Caitlyn can so grab it now!

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