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Snowstorm Sivir Skin Information And Accounts

Snowstorm Sivir Lol Skin

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Snowstorm Sivir Skin Information

Availability Not Available In Store
Price 975 RP
Concept Sivir as an ice warrior
Model New model and textures for Sivir including new weapon
Particles New particles for abilities and auto attacks
Animations New animation for recall and abilities
Sounds New sounds for auto attacks
Rarity common
Release date 19/12/2013

Snowstorm Sivir is a rare skin that was released in December 2013.

Inspired by the Dance Princess of the Ice Barrier from the Yu-Gi-Oh franchise, and the Arctic Fox found in the cold Arctic regions. The skin features Sivir as an ice warrior with some major model changes.

The first major change on the model is that her boomerang has been changed into a massive frozen boomerang. Her armor has also been changed into a furry coat with a matching hat and boots. She now also has a warm snow cap which keeps her head and ears warm during her adventures.

In addition to her new appearance, there have also been several particle changes including new frost particles when using her abilities. Her spell shield now projects a huge ice bubble around her which absorb any spells her enemies throw at her.

The skin also includes several new animations such as a new recall were Sivir throws her ice boomerang into the air, and it starts to snow on her as she teleports back.

Snowstorm Sivir also includes several new sounds that match her snow theme, when auto attacking or using her abilities on enemies the sounds have been changed to produce an ice crunching noise. There is also a new sound effect when Sivir is using her recall ability.

Released in the store for 975 RP the skin has since been removed from the store and is no longer available. The only way to currently get this skin is by purchasing an account with it enabled from our huge skin store. To find accounts with this skin enabled scroll down to see which accounts we have available.

Snowstorm Sivir Images

Snowstorm Sivir
Snowstorm Sivir LoL Skin
league of legends Snowstorm Sivir
Snowstorm Sivir ultimate

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