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Spectacular Sivir Skin Information And Accounts

Spectacular Sivir Lol Skin

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Spectacular Sivir Skin Information

Availability Not Available in Store
Price 975 RP
Concept Sivir as a Heroic soldier
Model New model textures
Particles No new particles
Animations No new animations
Sounds No new sounds
Rarity semi-rare
Release date 07/06/2010

Spectacular Sivir could always be renamed to; “Wonder Woman Sivir” instead since she bears quite a resemblance to the wonderful superhero. She even has the bracers!

You might be thinking that Wonder Woman never used a boomerang though – but she did! (Sort of)

Minor spoilers for a movie that aired 42 years ago;

Wonder Woman once used her tiara as a boomerang to sink a fleeing Nazis dinghy – she then wrangled said Nazi a with a rope, and added him to her collection of Nazis. The movie is quite frankly terrible, but if you’d like to see a clip of it, here you go!

League of Legends’ take on the boomerang Is a little more realistic. Sivir can be seen wielding what looks like an enormous silver shuriken, inlaid with brass.

In terms of her outfit, Spectacular Sivirs armor is a deep crimson, and she’s wearing considerably less of it than she does in her other skins.

While this skin doesn’t come with any new animations or sound effects, it’s still worth picking up? Why, you might ask? Because it’s pretty rare.

Released back in June of 2010, Spectacular Sivir has since been sealed away in the Legacy Vault, only popping out for special occasions. Of course, one day it might be deleted from the game altogether.

Many players seem to have an obsession over collecting unobtainable skins, and why wouldn’t they? It’s a sign of prestige. Therefore it would be a simple thing for Riot to announce that Spectacular Sivir is being deleted from the game – this would probably come after she’s had some hefty buffs, to ensure as many LoL players as possible pick her up – and then BAM. Gone from the game forever.

That day might never come, but why not stay ahead of the game and pick up a League of Legends smurf here. That way, you gain access to not only Spectacular Siivr, but other rare skins too!

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