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Worldbreaker Trundle Skin Information And Accounts

Worldbreaker Trundle Lol Skin

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Worldbreaker Trundle Skin Information

Availability Available
Price 750 RP
Concept Trundle as a herald of the apocalypse.
Model New model textures
Particles No new particles
Animations No new animations
Sounds New SFX on abilities
Rarity common
Release date 10/11/2016

While Worldbreaker Trundle itself is an exceptional skin, let’s first have a quick look at the story behind it;

The Worldbreakers are heavily based upon Mayan mythology, although they can be compared to the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Not only is there four of them, but they literally bring about the apocalypse – according to stories, Sun Goddess Karma will one day be eaten by the moon, which will cause the Worldbreakers to clamber out of their tombs and, well, break the World.

First up is Worldbreaker Nautilus, who will surge up from the sea, bringing with him a wave that will wash away all living things.

Worldbreaker Trundle follows shortly behind, freezing the water that now saturates the earth, and encasing all in a dome of ice.

As though things weren’t grim enough already, we still have two Worldbreakers to get through;

 Hecarim is the third Titan on the scene, and his harsh hoofbeats will be the last sound that the universe hears before darkness engulfs all.

Shortly following that, there will be but a single pillar of flame in the sheer blackness, and from it rises the fourth and final Worldbreaker - Nasus tears his way out of the earth's core to deliver the final smiting blow to existence, and beyond that, eternal nothingness.

Worldbreaker Trundle bears quite a striking resemblance to the Zandalari Trolls in World of Warcraft. And, given how many LoL players are ex-WoW players,

As mentioned before, the skin is heavily inspired by Mayan culture. His regular club has been swapped out for a huge statue – perfect for bludgeoning foes into submission.

 His Pillar of Ice has been swapped out for a crystal shard that is under excavation, and there are a couple f neat sound effects thrown in there too.

You can pick Worldbreaker Trundle up in the Riot Store for only 750 RP, but there’s no guarantee that it won’t be removed later! If you want to pick up a couple of rarer skins in addition to Worldbreaker Trundle, then we’ve got just the thing for you.

BUY Worldbreaker Trundle Skin

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