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How to Get Free RP Codes in League of Legends

Richard Heimer

27 th  March 2018

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The last time you checked the Riot store you probably realized how expensive RP is. Now you can’t blame Riot; they have to make money somehow right? But with so many items in the Riot store costing RP wouldn’t it be awesome if you could get yourself some free Riot points?

Well, you can!

There are plenty of websites online offering “free RP”, but be warned, not all of them are what they seem. To stop you from getting any viruses, we’ll guide you through what to look out for while on the search for Riot points.

So pay close attention, you're just a few minutes away from getting yourself some precious Riot points!

Watch Out For Free RP Generators

free rp generator online

If you Google “League of Legends Free RP” then you’ll instantly be greeted by several free RP websites. If you actually go to these sites and try to claim your free RP, then you’ll notice something they all have in common.

The website will probably ask you for your LoL username so it can "send" the Riot points to your account. Once it's run its fake MS-DOS hacker terminal, it will then ask for "human verification". This might seem normal as there are a lot of captchas out there nowadays, but real captchas most certainly don't require you to fill out a questionnaire!

We’ll save you a lot of time and disappointment by telling you; these Riot point generators DON'T WORK.

Why not?

This is because the whole website is fake and is purely made to capture Cost Per Action (CPA) leads for companies. The owner of the website gets paid $2 - $5 per submission when a user submits their details. So there is no free RP code after all, they just want you to submit your information so they get paid! If you ever see a website asking you to complete an offer or survey then save your time and don't bother. You're only making them money and funding their scammy website.code after all, they just want you to submit your information so they get paid! If you ever see a website asking you to complete an offer or survey then save your time and don't bother. You're only making them money and funding their scammy website.

Don't Download Any Free Riot Points Generators

Free RP generator virus

If they don't ask you to fill out a survey or offer to claim your Riot points, then they will most likely make you download a file to your computer. Often called an “RP hack” or “RP generator” these files are hazardous and should not be opened on your computer.

If you accidentally download a .exe file then delete it immediately. It will most definitely be some kind of spyware or virus trying to steal your League of Legends account. They might sound and look good in their videos or screenshots, but if you run them through an anti-virus, you’ll be shocked at all the viruses it finds. 

Not only can these programs fill your PC with spyware and slow your system down, they can also spread like wildfire. Any computer connected to your network at home could potentially be affected.

Would you really risk your League of Legends account and the risk of destroying your computer for $10 of free RP? It’s not worth it no matter how tempting they make it.

Never Login For Free RP

League of Legends Login screen

If they don’t try to trick you with the first 2 methods, then they’ll probably try this old trick also known as phishing. 

At some point, the website will ask you to login to your account in order to redeem your free RP. If you look carefully, you’ll notice that the website never redirects you to the official Riot website and you stay on the fake website.

This means that the website is basically trying to trick you into entering your League of Legends account details to steal your account. Although this is one of the oldest tricks in the book and has been around for a long time and a lot of people still fall for it. 

Before you ever enter your account details be sure to check the address of the website. If it’s not euw.leagueoflegends or na.leagueoflegends then it’s highly likely it's a scam website.

If a non-Riot website ever asks for your account details then get off it straight away, you know it's not trustworthy. Riot also covered this in their awesome new video - Check it out below!

No amount of Riot Points is worth all the time and effort you've slaved into your account. Especially if there are no promised Riot points after all!

As you can see, these are just a few of the sneaky techniques websites use to take advantage of you. But don't worry, there are legit ways to get free Riot points.

How To Get Free RP For LoL The Safe Way

free rp codes

Currently, Unranked Smurfs is the only legitimate website to offer a free RP giveaway. To celebrate the 2016 League of Legends World Championships we gave away $100 worth of RP for free! If you happened to miss it then shame on you, although rumor has it the competition might return for the 2018 World Championships...

If you didn’t get the chance to enter the competition then don’t worry, we regularly hold new giveaways every month. To enter the competition simply use any of the social media methods described on the competition page. To increase your chances of winning, you are allowed multiple entries into the competition which can be entered every day.

Free Riot Points With No Surveys or Downloads

Unlike other free giveaway competitions, we don’t require you to download any dodgy files, fill out any surveys or log into your League of Legends account. Just imagine all those skins and champions you could finally buy with 7200 RP sitting in your account. 

If you don’t believe us then that's fine, but don't take our word for it, check out the hundreds of positive reviews we have from customers. Would you rather enter a competition with a trusted, verified account seller or a random website you’ve found online?

Be sure to continually check our giveaway page as sometimes we have special promotions. A few months ago we gave away a $300 monitor to one lucky winner! To make sure you don’t miss out on these fantastic prizes be sure to subscribe to our mailing list.

We will never ask for your account details, or ask you to log in. Our Free RP Competition is completely legitimate, where someone will win $50 every month. Check it out below!

We may receive compensation for any products you purchase after visiting links on this page. Every product linked or reviewed has been tested thoroughly by ourselves. Our potential compensation has no impact on which products we choose to promote or award high marks to – we only award high marks to the very best products.

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