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Funny League Of Legends Chat Logs

Richard Heimer

2 nd  February 2016

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League of Legends wouldn’t be the same game if the community didn’t provide some hilarious sarcastic and witty remarks when you make a mistake.

Some of the best League of Legends moments come from the community itself and we want to commemorate that by showing you our favourite funny League of Legends chat moments.

All of the images in this post have come from either the lol tribunal or in game chats. Just make sure you don't recreate any of these moments. We won't be held responsible if you get in trouble.

AFK LoL Tribunal

This category of funny League of Legends chat logs comes from players who felt the need to go AFK during the game. There are very few excuses to going AFK in League of Legends but maybe an Earthquake is good enough?

League of Legends Tribunal earthquake

Oh wait no – Afking during an Earthquake will still get you reported.

u vlad bro
rengar flaming league of legends
master yi baby league of legends

Funny LoL Builds

Sometimes the game is up and you know you can’t win.

At this point it can be fun to sell all of your items and just buy something for fun. This is what this little section of funny League of Legends chat logs is about.

taric what you building gems
lee sin oracles spam

Just remember that not every game is lost. You can still come back from a Nexus on 1 HP so we don't reccomend doing this. It can be funny looking at it now but it won't be funny for those involved.

Best Offensive Language

League of Legends is full of people using rude words and abuse, but its also full of people who use creativity to insult those that they don’t like. Here are some funny League of Legends chat logs or LoL tribunal reports that relate to insults.

league of legends flame retarded
league of legends insult
league of legends bot lane flame
league of legends verbal abuse

League Of Legends Tribunal Chat Logs

If you are interested in finding any funny League of Legends chat logs like these then you can find them at the following websites:

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These websites can provide you with hours of amusement. If you have had any funny LoL tribunal experiences yourself or been flamed in a creative way then why not let us know on our Twitter, Facebook or in the comments below.

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