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Mystery Gifting in LoL for Cheap Ultimate Skins

Richard Heimer

19 th  June 2017

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League of Legends Mystery Gifting

For most people, Mystery Gifting is an easy way to get your friends a birthday present when you’ve forgotten to buy them one! However, for some players, it’s a way of getting cheap ultimate skins and sometimes even legacy skins.

It's no secret that mystery gifting is a form of gambling. Hate it or love it that's what it is, but is it really worth your money? Could you be spending it on better things?

Most players avoid mystery gift gambling because they feel the odds of receiving ultimate skins are too low. The mystery gifters argue that they have a chance of obtaining legacy skins as well as the coveted ultimate skins. If the skin they get is worth more than the cost of the gift then they are up on what they spent, if not then there's always next time.

Riot introduced Mystery Chests as a way to guarantee you get a skin worth more than what you put in but this is slightly more expensive than the Mystery Skins.

Mystery Gifting Basics

Ezreal League of Legends Skin

Mystery skins and mystery chests cost 490 RP / 790 RP each, but you can only buy them for yourself at major holidays throughout the year.

Thankfully you can easily get your friends to gift you them throughout the entire year meaning you don't have to wait for a certain holiday.

League of Legend’s cosmetic skins come in five pricing tiers which are 520 / 750 / 975 / 1350 / 1820 RP. There are also 4 ultimate skins (the main objective for mystery gift addicts) which cost 3250 RP each.

Since a Mystery chest only costs 790 RP and gives you a skin worth 975 RP or more (for any champion you own) you are already saving money. The downside of this is that you don’t get to choose what skin you get, but that's where the gambling comes in! The bonus of using Mystery chests is that you can get a skin worth a lot more than 790 RP and you can even get legacy skins, which are skins that have been removed from the game.

While this seems like a good deal you have to remember that Riot weekly runs sales for skins at 50% off which is cheaper than the 790 RP for the mystery chest. Additionally, you also get to choose the skin that you want.

If you want some specific skins then the sensible option would be to wait until they go on sale. As you can see its a tradeoff between getting a cheap random skin or waiting for your chosen skin to go on sale (which may be never).

Mystery gifting can be a bit confusing for some new players, here are some common questions when it comes to receiving gifts.

Can I Receive a Skin For a Champion I Don't Own?

No. You can only receive skins for champions that you own. You can't receive Spirit Guard Udyr if you don't own Udyr!

Can I Get a Skin I Already Own?

You can only receive a skin that you don't own. It's actually impossible to receive a duplicate skins anyway...

Which Skins Are NOT Obtainable?

Mystery gifting lets you unlock a whole range of skins including some super rare legacy ones. Instead of listing all the skins you can get, it's must easier to list the ones you can't. The only skins you can't receive from mystery gifting are:

  • End of season reward skins (Victorious Morgana)
  • Collect's edition skins (Black Alistar)
  • PAX skins (PAX Twisted Fate)
  • Rusty Blinktcrank
  • Urf the Manatee
  • Championship Riven
  • Riot Squad Singed

Mystery Gift Gambling

If you are thinking about using mystery gifting as a way to obtain cheap ultimate skins then should you use the skins or the chests?

The most common skin price in League of Legends is around 975 RP so it doesn’t matter if you buy a Mystery Skin or Mystery Chest – you are always likely to come out ahead. When you actually work out the values, the Mystery Skin would reward you a skin with an average value of 919 RP and the Mystery Chest would reward you a skin valued at 1139 RP. This means you are paying 300 RP extra for a 200 RP difference.

The Odds Of Ultimates

League of Legends Ultimate skin DJ Sona

There have been many brave adventurers throughout the time who have documented their mystery gifting experiences and in general, they have all lost money. The simple fact is there are roughly 300 skins that aren’t ultimate skins and therefore your chance of getting an ultimate skin is fairly low. This means the odds are stacked against you from the start.

However, there is light at the end of the tunnel. The fewer champions you own increase your odds of getting the ultimate skins and the more non-ultimate skins you own further increases your odds. The problem is that there are people with as few as 40 champions who still haven’t opened their mystery gift to win the ultimate skins.

You have to get the ultimate skin within 7 Mystery Skins or 4 Mystery chests for it to be worth it. Otherwise, it would be cheaper to just buy the ultimate skin in the first place. If you were to have around 150 skins available to you then the odds of you winning an ultimate skin within 7 mystery skins is around 13%. Unless you enjoy gambling it’s probably better to just buy the ultimate skin.

If you still want to try to win the ultimate skin it’s probably slightly better to use Mystery Chests.

They remove enough of the cheap skins to increase your odds by around 3% for the same RP investment.

The Cheaper Way To Get Ultimate Skins

Although mystery gifting is a great way to get ultimate and legacy skins that are no longer available, it's not the only way.

Here at we sell a range of League of Legends accounts full of amazing skins. Why waste all your money trying to get legacy and ultimate skins with no guarantee? Instead, you can buy an account full of great skins at a much cheaper price that mystery gifts or in store.

  • PAX Sivir
  • Kitty Cat Katarina
  • Whistler Village Twitch
  • Victorious Maokai
  • Victorious Morgana
  • Striker Ezreal
  • Vancouver Amumu
  • Haunted Maokai
The account also comes with over 8000 IP

As you can see, not only do you get legacy skins that are no longer available in the store, but the account itself is considerably cheaper than buying the skins individually. 

Forget mystery gifts, grab yourself a bargain today! Click below to check out the rest of our range of accounts.

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