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New LoL skins 2023: Get Ready Gamers! The Next Wave of Skins is Coming

Richard Heimer

6 th  February 2023

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Riot Games, the League of Legends publisher, accustomed their gamers to a consistent pace of skin releases spread throughout the year. Each new patch includes at least a few skins from popular skin series such as Snow Showdown, Project, and Pool Party. One recurring joke in the League of Legends community is that the most popular champions are lined up and ready to print money should Riot Games ever run low.

New LoL Skins Releases in 2023

What skins lines are guaranteed to return in 2023

League of Legends contains recurrent events that use the same skin themes over and over. In fact, it's becoming increasingly unusual for new skins to be created that aren't related to a certain theme or event. These events adhere to a tight schedule based on real-world and in-game dates. Based on recent years and our market understanding, the following skin lines are likely to reappear:

  1. Lunar New Year - Because the majority of League of Legends players are Chinese, one of the year's biggest events is associated with the Chinese New Year, which occurs between late January and mid-February. Riot Games has routinely released skins associated with it, generally with a Chinese theme. This year's event introduces new Mythmaker and Lunar Gods skins. The following champions will be getting new skins:
    1. Mythmaker Irelia (Legendary)
    2. Mythmaker Galio
    3. Mythmaker Zyra
    4. Mythmaker Garen
    5. Mythmaker Sivir (+ Prestige edition of this skin)
    6. Lunar God Qiyana
    7. Lunar God Ashe
    8. Lunar God Qiyana
    9. Lunar God Threshv
    10. Lunar God Kha'Zix
    11. Lunar God Malphite

  2. Valentine's Day skins - It's extremely common for summoners to play with their loved ones and gift them with a skin for their favorite champion on Valentine's Day. Riot has released two skins for male and female champions since 2019. Previously, the skins were all linked to the Heartseeker skin line, but that has since changed, and for the last two years, we have got one of the Withered Rose and Crystal Rose additions. If you want to read more about the theme and all skins connected to it you can do that here. This year's skins, a departure from tradition, are associated with the most popular show of the year, Arcane, and include VI, Caitlyn, and the lone Amumu. Possibly this is a preview for the second season of Arcane.
    1. Heartache VI
    2. Heartthrob Caitlyn
    3. Heartache Amumu

  3. Spring Day skins - There are two skin lines that release around the beginning of spring. The Bee series is the most popular of them, with a dedicated fanbase, while the other, Battle Academia, has a less enthusiastic fan base and is not particularly spring-themed, but is still released around this time. Perhaps this year's skins will include both skins as last year's did.

  4. April Fools skins - After the great success of the URF manatee skin and the first release of URF, Riot has released a number of humorous skins in its place. Such as the Pajama Guardian Urgot or Draven Draven series. Although we cannot predict what will be released this year, we can assure you that it will be entertaining. It’s been confirmed that these years April Fools will feature the Dogs vs. Cats theme. Confirmed champions as of now are:
    1. Kindred
    2. Kled

  5. Cats and dogs 2023 promo image
  6. Previous’s year world winners - Champions' skins are one of the primary prizes of the League of Legends World Championship. The sole requirement is that the player must choose a champion with whom he has played at least one game. Both the organization and the players have a share in the skin's profits. Each player's choice has already been revealed. You can expect new skins for the following champions:
    Player (Position) Champion
    Kingen (Top) Aatrox
    Pyosik (Jungle) Kindred
    Zeka (Mid) Akali
    Deft (ADC) Caitlyn
    BeryL (Support) Ashe
    Juhan (substitute jungler) Maokai

  7. Summer Skins Since 2012, the fan favorite pool party skin concept has been one of the most popular. There is a long-running joke that when they run out of money, they would create a Pool Party Lux skin. This year's budget is the largest ever, therefore we may see it this year. Last year was an exception to the pattern, as we received a new Ocean Song Skin theme rather than the classic. Our gut feeling is that the Pool Party will be back this year.

  8. Harrowing - is the Summoner’s Rift equivalent of Halloween. Each year all the witches and monsters dress up to be featured in new skins. We do not know yet what we can expect in 2023 but be prepread to be spooked.

  9. Snowdown Showdown - Every Christmas, right before Riot Game's staff leaves on vacation, we get some new Holiday skins. Previously, the skins were associated with Christmas Eve, Santa. With the game's growing popularity in the Middle and Far East, this link has been severed, and the skins now mostly reflect a "Snowy" motif.

  10. New Mythic Skins Each event is almost guaranteed to carry at least few additions to the mythic shop. For those who do not know mythic skins are special cosmetics content that adds a bunch of cool new visual effects or recolors to specific skin themes. These skins require from 100 to 150 mythic essence to unlock.

Leaks or News about new skins in 2023

The most significant leak of the year is Ahri's new skin, which was redone as part of the Covent. For those who don't remember or haven't heard yet, Ahri is planned to have a new look because of the visual overhaul shes about to receive sometime in February or March.

Aside from Ahri, there have been no disclosures from credible sources as of yet. As part of Riot's commitment to offer skins to niche champions, they are committed to releasing skins for champions who haven't received one in 1000 days or longer. It’s been confirmed that we will get new champion skins for:

  • Kalista
  • Aurelion Sol
  • Kled
  • Ivern

Along with the news that Kalista will be getting a new skin in 2023 came the identity of said skin. In 2023, a new skin line called Faerie Court will be released on the rift.

To round out the skin universe, Karma will also be receiving one. It is yet to be decided if Karma will be the faerie queen, but she seems like a natural match for the role.

Community predictions and wishes for new League of Legends skins

We have a strong suspicion that Arcane season 2 will be teased or released this year at the very least. Vi and Caitlyn are getting Valentine's skins; what better way to tease the upcoming season than with new skins? It's been two years since the release, so it's past time for some updates.

Our other predicition is the return of the Pool Party skin line. Last year we got a different theme for the summer so we are expecting the old classic to return in its full glory.

Already, Community has revived the Elderwood theme after its introduction and a somewhat lengthy absence, resulting in the much-loved Elderwood Ornn. Many people feel strongly about reintroducing it. An addition of Elderwood Kindred to the team would be fantastic. Speaking of fans are you a fan of lol fanarts? If yes check our best lol fan arts article.

P.R.O.J.E.C.T. is the other popular motif that people want to see again. A new skin in that style might be used for nearly any champion, but the users of Reddit are particularly keen on seeing it applied to Samira. It's difficult to argue that a professional killer would be the first champion.

Some players hope for a Legendary tier or above the skin for old-time classics. For example, Orianna still has not received any skin of this kind, even though it’s one of the staples all-time classics.

Many folks also have a soft spot for retro favourites like Dark Star and Odyssey skins. These skins were only available for a limited time and were tied to certain events; therefore, they have been discontinued as legacy skins. These skins can no longer be purchased and can only be gained through hextech crafting or the purchase of an account with the skin already unlocked.


To summarize, we can expect the classic events to come back as they do every year. Some old events might be reimagined or come back in a slightly different format. Surely Riot Games will also create completely new motifs to entertain us, there are always at least a few new ones on spread throughout the year.

At the time of writing this article, the following champions are guaranteed to receive a new skin:

  • Aatrox
  • Kindred (at least two skins)
  • Caitlyn
  • Ashe
  • Maokai
  • Kalista
  • Aurelion Sol
  • Ivern
  • Karma
  • Ahri
  • Vi
  • Caitlyn

Leave a comment if you have any further speculation, leaks, or requests for upcoming skins for league of legends champions.

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