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EUW 50,000+ BE

Europe West League of Legends Account

USD 29.99

USD 19.99

Hurry! Only 7 EUW 50,000+ BE left in stock!
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50,000+ BE

This account comes with 50,000+ BE which can be used to purchase champions of your choice.
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Free Lifetime Guarantee

If something happens to your League of Legends account, you're covered by our guarantee. This means we'll replace it. Find out more here.
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Best deal

Our BE accounts pack the best quality for the price. Get cheap, high quality smurfs with all the champions that you need.
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Safe & Secure Payment

Our site is secured using SSL technology and uses secure gateways for payment processing. We also provide full recovery details on all accounts.
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24/7 Instant Delivery

When you buy a LoL Smurf account from us it will be delivered instantly after completing your purchase on screen and via email.
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Rated 5 Stars

UnrankedSmurfs has a proud history of providing quality accounts and excellent service. We have over 5000 verified reviews and are rated 5 stars.

Product Description

Are You looking for a new LoL Account?

Then good that you are here. UnrankedSmurfs accounts are forever because our accounts are never botted. We sell only sell SAFE hand levelled accounts.

Save your money and time by purchasing from a trusted seller with over 7,500 reviews.

What kind of an account are you looking at?

This is our best-selling account, also known as a Blue Essence account. These accounts contain the champion used in the levelling process as well as blue essence. For each account, you may expect the following quality guarantees:

  • 50,000+ Blue Essence
  • 1 random Champion that we used for levelling
  • Fresh MMR, 0 normal or ranked games in all seasons.
  • Eligible for ranked queue instantly, Level 30+ (You need to purchase 20 champions using the BE provided, there is more than enough)
  • Accounts have neutral and easy to remember names
  • Lifetime Warranty & Instant Delivery
  • NOT botted, 100% Hand levelled by our account creation experts.
  • The account is on the Europe West League of Legends Server

How did we create this account?

Our clients love our hand-leveled accounts, and we're able to provide them at a discount of $10 by levelling them in Coop vs AI. An added benefit is the fresh MMR that comes with it.

What guarantees do we give?

We are so confident in our product's highest quality and polish that all our products come with a full lifetime warranty. This covers bans for account trading and other bans related to purchasing the account. We do not cover bans related to your behaviour, such as toxicity bans.

For each account purchased, you will receive a FREE PDF guide on caring for your account and ensuring it is never compromised. You'll never have to worry about losing your progress again.

We also provide account recovery information for those who desire an added layer of security. Find out what it is and why it's so crucial to have these details by reading our guide on recovering an account.

Cheap = Botted

If you're still not sold on our service and are determined to go elsewhere, we have some words of warning for you. Probably more affordable account choices are available, but you have to inquire. What's the deal with these ridiculously low prices, and who exactly is making these accounts? They are mass-produced using bots. The Riot bot detection system will automatically identify these accounts as suspicious. You, the buyer, will be sitting on a time bomb until the account is disabled, as these accounts are banned in waves rather than immediately after creation.

If you buy botted you will end up losing your money, your time, and any progress you have made.

After ten years in the business, we are confident in saying that our 100% Hand Leveled Accounts are the best value for the money. We're so confident in the quality of our services that we're offering a lifetime guarantee on all of your accounts as proof that you'll never need to use it.

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cade jen****
Posted 5 hours ago
Was fast and easy!
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Posted 10 hours ago
Posted 13 hours ago
Pricey but they secure your account safely and make sure u get ur stuff
Andy L**
Posted 17 hours ago
Fast and reliable