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Slayer Jinx Skin Information And Accounts

Slayer Jinx Lol Skin

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Slayer Jinx Skin Information

Availability Not Available in Store
Price 1350 RP
Concept Jinx as a Zombie Slayer
Model Model changes and new textures for guns and outfit
Particles New particles for all abilities
Animations New recall animation where she fights off zombies
Sounds New sounds effects for abilities and recall animation
Rarity semi-rare
Release date 05/11/2015

The skin is currently no longer available in the store and is the only legacy skin so far for Jinx.

Slayer Jinx is a rare skin that was released in November 2015. The skin was released at the same time as other zombie themed skins such as Zombie Brand & Nunu. When there are so many zombies around, you just need someone to slay them all! Jinx shares the same Slayer theme with Slayer Pantheon and make an excellent double team.

The skin itself has several model changes and features Jinx in an entirely new outfit ready to kick some zombie ass. Her minigun and rocket launcher both have new textures and models as well as her costume. Slayer Jinx now wears kneepads and has covered up a bit to stop any zombies from biting her.

Slayer Jinx also has new particles for all of her abilities such as Super Mega Death Rocket and her Flame Chompers. Her rocket launcher now fires Molotov cocktails instead of missiles, and her Zap now fires a taser instead of an electric bolt. In addition to the new particles, there are also new animations included with the skin. The most obvious one is the new recall animation in which Jinx fights off zombies before finally teleporting back. Others include her switcharoo ability and her Super Mega Death Rocket ultimate.

To make the skin even more awesome, Riot have included several new sound effects for her abilities. With the Slayer Jinx skin, her Switcheroo, Zap and recall animation all have new sound effects to match the theme.

The skin is currently no longer available in the store and is the only legacy skin so far for Jinx. If you want to own this awesome zombie slaying skin then the only way is to buy an account with it enabled. Be sure to check out all of our League of Legends accounts with it enabled.

Slayer Jinx Images

Slayer Jinx Skin League of Legends
Slayer Jinx Auto Attack
Slayer Jinx Bomb Animation
Slayer Jinx League of Legends Ultimate Animation

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