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Spirit Guard Udyr Skin Information And Accounts

Spirit Guard Udyr Lol Skin

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Spirit Guard Udyr Skin Information

Availability Available in Store
Price 3250 RP
Concept Udyr as a true Shaolin monk who has found inner peace
Model Re-textured with slight model changes such as new flip flops and a skirt
Particles No particle changes for changing stances and for each rank of abilities
Animations Animations have been slightly changed for each stance as well as emotes, recalls and autoattacks
Sounds New voice overs with additional quotes for recall, respawn, start of match, autoattacks and stance changes
Rarity common
Release date 17/07/2013

Spirit Guard Udyr is an ultimate skin that is currently available to purchase in store.

Released on 17th July 2013 Spirit Guard Udyr is 1 of the 3 ultimate skins available along with DJ Sona and Pulsefire Ezreal. Currently available in the store for 3250 RP the skin features an amazing transformation with numerous changes.

Ultimate skins are the highest quality skins in the game that have the most effort and detail put into them. For this skin Udyr has been complete changed from his normal look giving him lots of new animations, sounds and particles.

The skin features Udyr dressed in traditional monk gear, this is in reference to a Shaolin monk which often have exposed torsos and prayer beads. These monks also wear traditional footwear and waistcloth.

All the animations for the skin have been changed including new emotes, recalls and auto attacks for every stance. The particles have also been changing giving Udyr a new set of particles for each stance he enters and also differs depending what level his abilities are. Finally new voice overs and quotes have been added giving Spirit Guard Udyr the full treatment of new everything.

Spirit Guard Udyr is currently available in the store to buy for 3250 RP and there are no plans of it being removed yet but don’t expect it to stay in the store forever. If you want a super high quality skin with new animations, sounds and models then this is the skin for you! Get a fantastic skin before it is removed.

Spirit Guard Udyr Images

Spirit Guard Udyr League of Legends Skin
Spirit Guard Udyr Tiger Stance
Spirit Guard Udyr Phoenix Stance
Spirit Guard Udyr Turtle
Spirit Guard Udyr Bear Stance

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