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Guess the Champion

Richard Heimer

18 th  April 2016

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Play a lot of League of Legends? How well do you know it?

There are 130 champions currently available in the game League of Legends but how well do you know them? We've created a League of Legends quiz which will test even the biggest League of Legends nerd. We've created 10 questions to test your knowledge of League of Legends lore, champion abilities, visuals and even skins. To reveal the answers click the button at the bottom of the page. Let us know how well you did by posting your score out of 10 in the comments below or tweet your score to us on Twitter.

League Of Legends Champion Quiz

Question 1: Every League of Legends champion has access to four abilities but can you name the League of Legends champion who has an ability named Wish?

Question 2: Currently only one League of Legends champion doesn't have access to an ultimate ability - Can you name who this is?

Question 3: Which League of Legends champion is a legendary warrior and one of only five that remain of an ancient race known as the Darkin?

League of Legends Champion Quiz

Question 4: Some champions like to visit the mid lane even though it isn't their original position - Can you name which League of Legends champion decided to venture into mid lane in the above image?

Question 5: The Fnatic League of Legends team got a set of skins made after them because of their victory at the Season 1 League of Legends world championship. Four of the champions selected to recieve the skins were Gragas, Janna, Jarvan IV and Corki but can you name the 5th champion?

Question 6: Which League of Legends champion was once bugged (heh) and could kill his allies by hitting them with his hammer?

Question 7: On the current live patch (6.7) which Marksman champion is the most played champion in the entire of League of Legends appearing in over 35% of all games?

Question 8: The 5th most popular League of Legends skin ever is the Mecha skin for a certain Jungle champion - but can you name which champion it is?

Question 9: Which League of Legends champion had a 100% Pick or Ban rate at the League of Legends 2015 World Championship?

Question 10: Which League of Legends champion is the most nerfed? This doesn't mean the number of nerfs but how hard the nerfs have hit them.

Answers (Don't Cheat!)

1. Soraka - It's her ultimate ability.
2. Udyr - He has 4 abilities which can all be leveled up 5 times. This makes him unique.
3. Aatrox - You can read more about his lore here.
4. It's Cupid Varus, although you only needed Varus to get the point.
5. Karthus - Interestingly Fnatic only got $50,000 for winning the entire championship where as the winner of the 2015 League of Legends world championship received $1,000,000!
6. Taric - Here's a video of the bug

7. Lucian - Although he only has a 49.2% win rate he's the most played marksman of Season 6.
8. Kha'zix - The other most popular skins are in our most popular League of Legends skins infographic.
9. Gangplank - He was banned for 69 games and played in 4 of which he won all 4 of them giving him a 100% win rate. Nice balancing Riot!
10. Irelia - While Kassadin is actually the most commonly nerfed League of Legends champion Irelia has suffered some really horrible changes to her numbers which make her the most nerfed League of Legends champion in history.

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