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The Worst League of Legends Fails in all of History

Richard Heimer

30 th  January 2017

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League Of Legends Fails 2017

We might have just started the new year, but with so many noobs playing League of Legends, we’ve already got our first handful of League of Legends fails!

Let’s face it, fails are funny as long as they don’t happen to you while playing ranked. Not to mention it’s much more fun watching someone else's team fail than your own.

If you’re having a rough time playing ranked and need some League of Legends fails to cheer you up, then you’ve come to the right place!

We’ve handpicked some of the best League of Legends fails which will have you splitting your sides in laughter. Here are the best League of Legends fails of 2017… so far!

The Best League of Legends Fails 2017... So Far!

Episode 150 of the League of Legends top fails series, this video shows all the latest fails from January 2017. From an epic Taliyah fail to Lissandra giving away an easy double kill, this video has it all. The video also includes an impressive quadra kill by a Jinx which could have easily been avoided if the team spread out. With so many fails included you’ll just have to watch it to see them all!

This fail compilation proves that Bronze league is still the worst league to be in. Showing plenty of fails from Bronze and other noob leagues, this compilation is full of epic fails and luls. The video also includes a funny “whack a Teemo” clip at the end which obviously has had a lot of planning and thought gone into it!

It’s not just ranked players who have to put up with constant fails. This video shows that even the pro players have their epic fail moments. Luckily for us someone has managed to capture them and turn them into a very entertaining fail compilation. If you thought your last fail was bad, then imagine failing as a pro player! Oooo the embarrassment.

With so many League of Legends fails in 2016 it can be hard to watch them all. To save you time, someone has painstakingly gone through hundreds of fails from 2016 and picked out the top ones for you to watch. At over 18 minutes long and full of cringe-worthy fails, this video is definitely worth a watch.

Freshly uploaded in January 2017, this video features all the latest League of Legends fails from 2017. At just over 10 minutes long, there are plenty of epic luls and unbelievable fails that even a Bronzie could have pulled off. Just be grateful that none of these noobs ended up on your team!

This hilarious 10-minute video features plenty of brilliant fails that will have you laughing out loud. From trick shot fails to face checking the Baron, this video has it all. There is also a brilliant LeBlanc section that shows several tricks and fails as the enemy team tries to kill her in vain. To finish it off there is a special Kennen compilation that shows an array of epic fails from 1 single game.

Fresh from summoner's rift, this fail video is full of hilarious fails from January 2017. With someone helpful commentary to explain what’s exactly going on, this video will have you hiding being your hands to escape the cringe. One man’s fails are another man's epic wins, and this video has plenty of both! With some awesome trick shots and dodges this video gives you everything you want to see.

Old But Gold! Bonus Fail Videos

This hilarious cartoon video currently has over 14 million views and basically sums up everything about failing in League of Legends. With appearances from Teemo, Annie, Ashe and Alistar, this video will have you laughing out loud. It might have been released in 2013 but the video is still relevant today.

This video might be slightly old as it’s from 2014 and the graphics and UI might look a little different, but the fails are genuinely brilliant. From an awful Zed to an outrageous Amumu, this video is full of epic fails. Some will leave you scratching your head wondering how it’s even that possible to be that bad.

Faker might be known as the best League of Legends player in the world but that doesn’t stop him from failing. To prove this point, someone has made an epic fail compilation of Fakers top fails through his professional LoL career. With fails featuring Blitzcrank, Riven and Ziggs this video just goes to show no one is immune from the fails.

It might seem like this video was released a long time ago, but January 2016 was literally yesterday. Featuring amazing epic fails from champions such as Poppy, Fiddlesticks and LeBlanc, not only does this video feature the Baron and Drake but it also has a funny LeBlanc section.

This League of Legends fails video is one of the most popular episodes in the League of Legends top fails series. Released in September of 2016, it currently has over 140k views on YouTube with hundreds of new people watching it every day. Featuring some of the best-picked fails from 2016, if you haven't seen this video then you’re definitely missing out.

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