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The Most Popular Skins in League of Legends 2017

Richard Heimer

5 th  November 2017

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When it comes to skins in League of Legends, there are literally hundreds of them, over 520 of them to be exact! But with so many skins available in game, have you ever wondered which are the most popular?

It’s no secret that everyone loves Championship Riven and would kill to get their hands on the original skin, but have you ever thought about the other skins? With so many top contenders out there which have sneaked into the top 10?

To settle the debate once and for all, we’ve done the research and have compiled millions of search results to find the most popular League of Legends skins. Using original data from our website, we’ve had a fascinating insight into the most popular skins players are searching for. From King Rammus to Hextech Annie, there are plenty of obvious skins as well as a few surprises!

To put the question to bed once and for all, here are the most popular League of Legends skins for 2017.

How We Compiled The Data

Here at UnrankedSmurfs, we LOVE data. If you’ve read our previous posts on How Many People Play League of Legends? Or How Many LoL Players Are On Each Server? Then you should know we love number crunching.

No matter if it's data from the Riot API, Riot website or Google Analytics, statistics tell us lots of information about League of Legends and give us a unique insight into the same. Without the use of statistics, we’ve never have found out that The Blue Side Wins More Games Than The Red Side. As you can probably tell, we love stats.

To find out what the most popular skins in League of Legends are, we digged into our own data between the months of June to September. We simply sorted all of our search terms in a list from high to low and then worked out the average monthly search volume for each one. This left us with a chart that looked a little something like this:


As you can see, there is a wide selection of skins ranging from ones you could probably guess to ones you didn't even think where popular. To get a better understanding of the results, let’s break them down. To stop you from falling asleep we’ll only stick to the top 5 and look at any unusual entries along the way.

Analyzing the Results

Low and behold the most searched for skin on our list is Pax Twisted Fate with an average monthly search of just over 12,000. Considering the skin was released way back in 2009, this skin has most certainly stood the test of time. Thanks to its awesome visuals, rarity and price, all of these factors combined together have made PAX TF the most sought-after skin.

Next up is a fairly strange one - Medieval Twitch. Originally released back in 2010 as part of the refer a friend program, it was rumored that less than 100 people redeemed it. However, Medieval Twitch recently burst back onto the scene when it was included in Honor capsules along with some other rare skins. With the skin being redeemable for the first time in several years, this has clearly got fans pumped and scrambling to add it to their collection.

3rd on our list of most popular League of Legends skins is Championship Zed. You might be wondering why this is the most popular Championship skin and why it’s in the top 3. Unfortunately, we don’t have a good answer! We don't think it's the best Championship skin compared to the others. So we most likely put it down to the fact that it was the most recent Championship skin at the time (although Championship Ashe was released later on in 2017).

Who could have left out Black Alistar from our list? One of the first rare skins ever released in the game, Black Alistar is still one of the most sought-after skins. Released with the pre-order of League of Legends, only a few thousand lucky players managed to grab the skin. Little did they know that it would become one of the rarest (and most expensive) skins.

Coming it at number 5 on our list is another PAX skin. PAX Sivir was the last PAX skin to be released in 2011 before Riot’s long break from the show. Gifted to thousands of players on redeemable gift cards, this skin has become super popular just because of its rarity. Riot returned to the PAX show in 2017 almost 6 years after their last appearance. To celebrate the occasion Riot released a NEO PAX skin that's strikingly similar to the original.

Other entries in the list contain PAX Jax another PAX skin (who would have guessed?), 2 Hextech crafting skins, the original Championship Riven and the interesting King Rammus.

What Can We Learn From The Results?

The results show us that the rarer the skin, the higher the searches they get. Depending on the time of the results, there will also most likely be a seasonal skin that has either just been released or reworked. In the sample data we collected above, Medieval Twitch had a huge spike compared to its usual search volume, along with Championship Zed which was the latest Championship skin at the time.

We’ll keep on collecting data about skins in League of Legends but our prediction is our next results will look slightly similar with a few new entries. Will PAX Twisted Fate hold on to the number 1 spot? It’s likely, but there’s always the chance an old skin will get reworked and trigger an influx of searches!

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